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Music for Anzac Day

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Bugle calls and anthems for Anzac Day
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Sound files and sheet music for bugle calls and anthems

Source Hymns:
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Hymns for
brance Day
Before silence After silence National
AU: 'Advance Australia Fair'
NZ: 'God Defend NZ'
1 and 2 verse versions
Last Post Rouse*
(Normal services)
(Dawn Service)
Sound (audio) files:          
Aust. War Memorial - Last Post

Aust. War Memorial - Rouse
  1m43s (mp3)

0m35s (mp3)
Department of Veterans Affairs - Conduct an Event (Note that the zip files may need to be SAVED first. Also note that some school networks will not allow zip files to be downloaded. If you are having difficulty, you can access the unzipped files here.) Music (scroll down) 1m32s (mp3 zip) 0m31s (mp3 zip)   1m10s AU 1v
1m55s AU 2v
0m55s NZ 1v
1m39s NZ 2v

(All mp3 zip) Bugle Calls
(Includes background information)
  1m11s (wav) 0m23s (wav) 1m04s (wav)  
It's an Honour (Aust Govt)         2m12s Vocal (solo) (mp3)
2m12s Vocal (choir) (mp3)         Midi file         Midi file (with drums) mp3 files       Midi file
mp3 file

Sheet music:
 Sheet Music for Bugle Calls   Sheet music Sheet music Sheet music  
Wikipedia: Sheet Music   Sheet music Sheet music Sheet music
It's an Honour (Aust Govt)         See the 5 scores under "Files for download"         Sheet music [pdf]         Guitar tab         Guitar tab

Words (lyrics) and information:
 Hymns Words only       Words only
Wikipedia   Information Information Information Information
It's an Honour (Aust Govt)         Words only
Words and music

Royal Australian Air Force   Information and words      

To download or save the sound files, RIGHT-click on the link then choose Save Target As...

"ROUSE" rhymes with "cows", but not with "mouse".
"REVEILLE" rhymes with "valley", as in "rah-VALLey".

See also Hymns (Remembrance Day) and Modern song alternatives


When played

The LAST POST is played immediately before the silence.

The ROUSE is played immediately after the silence, except at a Dawn Service where the longer REVEILLE is played instead.

The ROUSE is commonly (though incorrectly) also called the REVEILLE.


Video versions The Last Post - Australian Army YouTube videoYouTube: The Last Post (
Australian Army YouTube video of the Last Post.
Watch live The Last Post ceremony: live video stream (
Watch the Last Post ceremomy live each day at 4.55pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) (YouTube) from the Australian War Memorial.
Hymns For hymns suitable for Anzac Day ceremonies see the ones listed on our page Hymns for Remembrance Day.
Modern song alternatives Go to Modern Anzac Day music.
Modern songs suitable for use in Anzac Day ceremonies were moved to a new page on 8 October 2015.

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Modern Anzac Day music

Organising a ceremony

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