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Online encyclopedia and dictionary entries Wikipedia - Anzac Cove (
From the free Wikipedia Encyclopedia, which is written by volunteers.

Wikipedia - Anzac Day (

Kids.Net.Au Encyclopedia - Anzac Day (

Wikipedia - Gallipoli (

Wikipedia - Gallipoli Campaign (

Wikipedia - Alec Campbell (

Australian War Memorial Encyclopedia (
Large alphabetical list of entries. Many entries are related to Anzac Day. For example, see ANZAC acronym, Commemoration, Gallipoli, Poppies. "anzac day"
(Students need to distinguish between the sponsored results and the dictionary information.)

The Free Dictionary: "anzac day"

OneLook Dictionary Search: "anzac day"


Glossaries Quick Reference Guide to Words and Terms [pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2016 pages 54-57)
Provides definitions and explanations of terms associated with with Anzac Day.



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