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Anzac Day "official" websites


Main official websites

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
Commemorations and Anniversaries - Department of Veterans' Affairs (
Department of Veterans' Affairs Facebook page

Anzac Portal (DVA site)

The Anzac Portal (
Anzac and other military historical informationand educational material is accessible through this subdomain of the DVA site..


What happened to AnzacsIte ( and Gallipoli and the Anzacs (
These sites have been replaced by the Anzac Portal (

Other government websites Australian War Memorial (AWM)
Anzac Day - Australian War Memorial site (
Australian War Memorial Facebook page

Anzac or ANZAC?

Is it upper and lower case "Anzac" or entirely upper case "ANZAC"?
- See our special page, Anzac or ANZAC?


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Background to Anzac Day
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Anzac or ANZAC?



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