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Anzac spirit and legend

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The Anzac spirit and the Anzac legend
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 of Anzac Day

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Spirit and legend of Anzac Day

(The Anzac spirit and the Anzac legend refer to the same idea. This reference explains the link between them.)
Anzac spirit
Anzac legend
Spirit and legend: video on cricket match
Spirit and legend: activities
Australian identity and the Anzac spirit
Anzac identity: activities
Negatives of the legend
Legend vs myth


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Significance of Anzac Day

Tradition of Anzac Day
Anzac biscuits history
Dates of Anzac Day
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Anzac or ANZAC?
● Anzac
Issues (including commercialisation)
● Anzac legend becoming a religion?

Spirit and legend
Gallipoli campaign (
The origin of the Anzac legend and Anzac spirit summed up.

Anzac spirit

Anzac Spirit (
From the free Wikipedia Encyclopedia, which is written by volunteers.

Anzac Spirit (
Examines the word Anzac and the legend and myth of Anzac.

The Spirit of ANZAC (

The place of the Anzac spirit in the history of Australia and New Zealand.

The history of ANZAC Day
From the RSL Western Australia branch.

ANZAC: Where history and spirit meet (
[Page temporarily unavailable, 16 Nov 2020.]
See pages 11-13 (Writings about ANZAC and the ANZAC spirit).
See also Teacher's Manual.

● See also
our Anzac Day issues page (eg, for negatives of the legend)


Anzac legend

Dawn of the Legend (
Scroll down for a list of pages containing related information.

The Anzac Legends [pdf] (
The beginning of World War 1, Gallipoli, Anzacs at Gallipoli, the Anzac legend, after the war. [Original link unavailable, 10 Oct 2012.]

The First World War and the Anzac Legend [pdf] (originally from
Sample pages from a commercially available book for secondary students, Analysing Australian History by Ken Webb (Cambridge). The chapter includes Gallipoli, What is the 'Anzac legend'?, What happened on the Western Front?

Spirit and legend: video
Cricketing greats soak up the Anzac spirit (
A video to watch. Former Australian Test cricket captains Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting and current captain Michael Clarke disclose their feelings and views about the Anzac spirit. The comments in the video are prompted by the team's 2001 visit to Gallipoli to pose for a photograph of a cricket match at the same place as one taken of Gallipoli soldiers playing cricket in 1915.
Gallipoli soldiers playing cricket, 1915 Australian cricket team posing for a cricket match photo at Gallipoli, 2001
The Australian cricket team (right) posed in the same spot as the Gallipoli soldiers played cricket in 1915 (left) in a tactic to mislead the Turks

See also Cricket match at Gallipoli video ( 


Spirit and legend activities

Investigating the Spirit of ANZAC: Image & Reality [pdf] (
Worksheets for students on the Anzac spirit, with a focus on Simpson and his donkeys.Download the pdf file.

Gallipoli in a Nation's Remembrance [pdf] (, formerly from
See pages 6-18. A speech by Les Carlyon, along with nine questions for students to answer.

Anzac spirit word search (
Word find on the Anzac spirit (printable and online versions).

Anzac Kids


Australian identity (and the Anzac spirit)
Despatches from Gallipoli: Australian Identity (
Click on AUSTRALIAN IDENTITY at the top or the links at the bottom of the screen.
[As this page is part of a National Library of Australia archived site, some of the links on that page might no longer be working.]

Mateship, diggers and wartime (archived from

National Identity (

Australia was without the usual nationally recognised symbols of a country at the time of Federation.

The Anzac spirit and national identity (
Provides several quotes on the link between the Anzac spirit and national identity.

Mateship: The heart of the Anzac spirit (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Includes a photo of a soldier carrying a wounded comrade, said to be typifying the Anzac spirit. Also includes an acrostic called "Bravo Anzacs!" on a postcard titled "A Gallipoli Souvenir".

Discipline in the AIF in WW1 (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Warning: The language includes swear words modified by asterisks.


Australian identity: activities Gallipoli and Australian Identity 1915-2000 [pdf] (archived from
Student activity booklet to download.
No longer on the DVA website as it may be outdated.

Negatives of the legend

● See Negative side of the legend. Is it a myth on our Issues page.

Legend vs myth Gallipoli - legend versus myth ( - scroll well down)
For a list of references on this topic, scroll down to the sub-heading Gallipoli - legend versus myth. (However, the links themselves generally lead to information about publications rather than the publications themselves.)
(If the web page is unavailable, you can find the information in the archived pdf file: Anzac Day Kit [pdf, 3.9MB].)


The Anzac Spirit: Criticism (
Some people oppose support of the Anzac spirit and recognition of the legend.
Curriculum: Anzac legend World War 1: Anzac legend [pdf] (
Australian Curriculum Year 9 History Sample Assessment from the Queensland Studies Authority. Includes curriculum details, suggested assessment questions and methods, student booklet, suggested activities, and a model essay.
   ● See also: Anzac spirit printable and interactive wordsearches

 ● For Anzac Day Requiem, see Ceremonies

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Anzac Day
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Anzac or ANZAC?

Slouch hat
Anzac Day Clash (Anzac Day football match between Collingwood and Essendon)






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