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Anzac Day logo

Below is an activity based on the idea of an Anzac Day logo and the symbols that can be used. An earlier version of the same activity can be downloaded as a Word document (237K)


Anzac Day Logo Classroom Activity

There is no single official Anzac Day logo. Here are some examples of illustrations that various organisations have chosen to use around Anzac Day . Can you identify the components of each? (See the table below for more information about each component.)

(Examples: red poppy, rosemary, Anzac/ANZAC, Australian flag, slouch hat, military forces emblem)
1 Australian War Memorial - main page March 2008  
2 Australian Government - Anzac Day page (archived)  
3 ABC News Online  
4 Google New Zealand Anzac Day logo 2010  
5 Google Australia Anzac Day logo 2009  
6 Google Australia Anzac Day logo 2008  
7 Google Australia Anzac Day logo 2004  
8 Google Australia Anzac Day logo 2003  
9 Anzac Appeal  
10 Lest we forget
(Origin unknown - if you can help, please let us know)
11 Anzac Day 25 April
12 From the cover of a pamphlet published in 1916 Anzac Day Commemoration 1916 - poster  
13 Anzac Centenary logo  
14 Google Anzac Day logo 2015  


The white Gallipoli rose

Some people believe that the white Gallipoli rose (archived page from should be used if an official Anzac Day logo is created.

This flower blooms during April and May in Gallipoli. It was chosen to form part of the official logo for the Gallipoli 2015 commemorations.


Get ready to create an Anzac Day logo...

First, what is a logo?

A logo is an image that is specially created to enable people to instantly recognise an organisation or an activity - for example, a special occasion such as Anzac Day.

The logo needs to be simple, and to convey a meaning or message using few or no words.

To work well in practice, the logo must still be recognisable if reduced to a very small size or changed from colour to black and white. (For example, a logo should not use red print on a black background because making a black and white photocopy would change the red print to black too.)


Now create your own Anzac Day logo:

Components like these could be used, but think of others as well.

First click on the links to find out more information about each component.

Red poppy Rosemary Slouch hat
Red poppy


Rosemary Slouch hat
Rising Sun Badge Australian flag


Rising Sun Badge
(Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Emblem)
Australian flag
or New Zealand flag*
The word Anzac**


(Acknowledgments: the slouch hat illustration is linked to its source, the copyright of the red poppy and rosemary photos belongs to, the rising sun badge illustration is taken from

*For Australian and New Zealand flag colour-in activities see our Colour-in page.
*Anzac/ANZAC. Note that it is historically correct to write "Anzac Day" rather than "ANZAC Day", and to refer to the soldiers as "Anzacs" rather than "ANZACs". A detailed explanation is provided on our Anzac or ANZAC page. If you wish to step around the issue you can use UPPER-CASE letters for the whole of the expressions in logos, headings and posters: for example, "ANZAC DAY", "REMEMBERING OUR ANZACS".

My Anzac Day logo













Explain why you chose this design:





Your name: ................................................................................................................


An earlier version of the above activity can be downloaded as a Word document (237K)


Anzac Emblem
The idea of an Anzac Day logo as discussed above is quite different from the "Anzac Emblem". For more information, go to the following pages of the Digger History website:

Gallipoli Service Emblem (

Anzac badges (

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