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Anzac Day colour-in (colouring-in) activities to print out
- or, for Canadian and American students: color-in activities

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Print & colour
Various images
Five Anzac colour-in drawings [pdf, 1.1MB] - an extract of pages 1 and 17-20 from the Department of Veterans' Affairs publication Australians on the Western Front [pdf, 4.3MB] (
See pages 18-20 for the full versions of the five drawings to colour in:
- An Australian nurse
- Animals and war
- An Australian soldier
- An Anzac Day march
- A local war memorial

The captions for the five line drawings are on page 20.

Six Anzac images to colour in [pdf] (
Anzac images (ForTeachersForStudents)The single page pdf file to download provides students with six drawings to colour in:
- a poppy
- Anzac biscuits
- a wreath of remembrance
- a cross
- a bugle
- a slouch hat

For more Anzac Day activity sheets from ForTeachersForStudents go to Lessons and activity sheets then click on the "Activity sheets" link on the right of the page.

Soldier and nurse Soldier and nurse: colour in
[GIF file].
(For the full image, right-click and choose "Save Target As...".)
Acknowledgment: image taken from the old North Beach Primary School website.

Soldier  Anzac soldier (ActivityVillage)Anzac soldier (
Anzac soldier to colour in. To download the pdf file click on "ANZAC soldier colouring in page".
Poppies How Many Poppies? [pdf file] (
This counting activity sheet could be used as a colouring-in activity.

Remembrance Day and Veterans Day Themed Coloring Pages (
Poppy colouring-in pages from Samoa.
Samoa also uses the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

Red Poppies (

Poppy wreath PDF ( Day Poppy Wreath (
Click on the image to download the pdf file.
Note that Anzac Day is "commemorated" rather than "celebrated".


See also:

Our computing exercise Create a Poppy Wreath using Microsoft Word

Remembrance Day colour in

Interactive activities - online colour in

● Poppy-making Craft activity page and Poppy craft activities (

Rosemary Rosemary ( (
To download the pdf file click on the link "Rosemary colouring page". If you need suggested colours, see the ActivityVillage Rosemary poster.
Remember  Remember (
Remember (
A detailed "doodle" design using background images of poppies and rosemary to highlight the word "Remember". Similar to the colour-in drawings designed as stress-relievers for adults. To download the pdf file click on the link "remember_dooodle_colouring_page.pdf".
An alternative version is available in which the background is already coloured in.

Simpson and his Donkey Simpson and his Donkey - original copyright Frane LessacSimpson and his Donkey colouring sheet [pdf, 63K] (
Illustration of John Simpson Kirkpatrick, his donkey and an injured soldier, promoting the book Simpson and his Donkey, written by Mark Greenwood and illustrated by Frané Lessac.


Simpson and donkey (ForTeachersForStudents)Simpson and his Donkey [pdf] (
A pdf one-page worksheet to dopwnload. Note that ForTeachersForStudents provide a wide range of other basic worksheets on Anzac Day. Go to Lessons and activity sheets and click on their "Activity sheets" link on the right of the page.



Simpson and his donkey ( and his Donkey (
A British portrayal of Simpson and his donkey with a wounded soldier. Click on the link to the pdf file.





Donkey "Duffy" (
From Frané Lessac, the illustrator of the book Simpson and his Donkey which is written by Mark Greenwood.

Donkey (
Move mouse over image at that site and click "Print".



Simpson and his Donkey - Danenong Ranges RSLSimpson and his Donkey (
(Site unavailable 28 Jan, 20 Mar 2017.)
From a colouring competition run by the Dandenong Ranges RSL. When you go to the website, click on the
pdf file icon or the link "Simpson and His Donkey - 2009 School ANZAC Colouring Competition". [pdf, 0.9MB]


For more information about John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey, see our Simpson and his Donkey page.

Booklets to download Anzac Day Activities Booklet (
This colouring-in booklet is a FREE download. (It was previously available through

Eight-page booklet of Anzac Day drawings to colour in, with very simple activities. Drawings to colour in include: medals, map, poppies, memorial, wreaths, soldiers, flags, slouch hat. Requires an email address to be provided (but nothing else) before the download begins. [PDF file 671K]

Australian flag Australia's Flag: colour in (

Coloring Flag - Australia (
Click on image for pdf file. One of several Australian flag printables.

Flag outlines (
Scroll to the bottom for:

- Flag Outline [pdf file], and
- Flag Template with specifications [pdf file]

Flag Coloring Pages: Australian Flag (
Provides a blank flag [pdf] and a flag with key [pdf].

Australia Flag Colouring Sheet (
Flag is displayed vertically on the pdf file to maximise printing size.


Anzac Kids


New Zealand flag Coloring Flag - New Zealand (
You can download the image as pdf file. One of several New Zealand flag printables.

New Zealand Flag Colouring Sheet (
Flag is displayed vertically on the pdf file to maximise printing size.

New Zealand Flag (
Click on flag for page to print and colour in.


See our related site
Anzac Kids
for online colouring-in, word searches and other interactives in one place
and easier student access

Some other activities:

● Online colouring pages are also on our related site, Anzac Kids

● See also our Anzac art page.

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