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Gallipoli shipwrecks

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Shipwrecks in and around Anzac Cove


The AE2

The HMAS AE2 - from in the Dardanelles, 1915 (
Henry Stoker and the AE2. See also Submarine photographs and Documents relating to the AE2.
Also see An illustrated voyage of the AE2.

The Australian submarine HMAS AE2 was shelled during the Battle of Gallipoli in the Sea of Marmara in 1915.

The AE1 and AE2 submarines - Australia's first submarines (
The AE2 managed to pass through the Dardanelles but after it was damaged by heavy fire its commander, Henry Stoker, deliberately sank it.

AE2 (1914-1915) (
From the Australian War Memorial.
Remembering the AE1 and AE2

Remembering the AE1 and AE2
- by Julianne Ross Allcorn

Image taken from the Herald Sun gallery where it is reproduced courtesy of Gallipoli Art Prize 2012

The AE2 Submarine - Australia's 'Gallipoli' Submarine (
Includes information about the 2007 AE2 submarine expedition, and a list of reference material on the AE2.

The Diary of Able Seaman 7893 Albert Edward Knaggs R.A.N. (archived from
Includes voyages of the AE2 and action at Gallipoli.
- For more information about Able Seaman Knaggs see this archive: AE2: the Silent ANZAC - Knaggs, Albert Edward (Archived version).

The Australian submarine, AE2, 30 April 1915 (
Transcript of a talk on the Australian submarine AE2.


The Gallipoli Boat - from a Film Australia video
Gallipoli Boat (National Film and Sound Archive)
This lifeboat was recovered from the shores of Anzac Cove and is now on display at the Australian War Memorial. Includes video and links to activities for students.

Gallipoli Boat (

Gallipoli Boat, including video again. Includes links to activities for students.
Diving opportunities Shipwrecks at Gallipoli (
Many of the 216 known wrecks can be accessed by divers.

Student activities The Last Voyage of the AE2 (
Interactive activity.

Gallipoli Boat Classroom Activities (National Film and Sound Archive)

News Divers discover Gallipoli wrecks (The West Australian, 20 June 2010)
A Sydney-based archaeological team has discovered several new shipwrecks from the World War I Gallipoli campaign in Turkey...

Oceanic survey of Anzac Cove (The Bulletin)
Photographer Mark Spencerís work with Australiaís leading maritime archaeology team has uncovered a number of new shipwrecks at Anzac Cove...

Ships at Gallipoli Though not shipwrecks (the topic of this page) the following may be of interest:

Health to the Navy (
(Scroll down.) Battleship HMS Cornwallis, flat-bottomed barge evacuating wounded soldiers, trawler of the kind used for transferring soldiers and supplies to shore, battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth.

List of Allied warships that served at Gallipoli (

A Tribute to the Ships of the Dardanelles & Gallipoli 1914-1918 (
Click on Illustrations for images.
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Gallipoli photographs
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Anzac Cove today


For those interested in later shipwrecks:
Second World War shipwrecks in Australian waters (archived from
, previously at



HMAS AE2 Sydney
(Photo: See Submarines in the Dardanelles gallery (


The Gallipoli Boat
(Photo from Film Australia video. See National Film and Sound Archive: Gallipoli Boat.)


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