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Gallipoli photographs

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Photographs taken at Gallipoli during World War 1
(Posters previously here are now on a separate page)




Gallipoli photographs


The Lost Diggers
(Photos taken in France - ie, not taken at Gallipoli)

The Seven Network's SUNDAY NIGHT program has revealed a large collection of photographs of Australian World War 1 soldiers.  Although the photos were taken in France, many of the soldiers had served at Gallipoli.

The Lost Diggers (

Lost Diggers Facebook Page

Remember me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt
Australian War Memorial exhibition.

Trove: The ANZACs at Gallipoli (
A selection of Gallipoli Anzac photographs.

Gallipoli (
(Part of Defending Victoria website.)

Fooling the Enemy (
The Australians  troops misled the Turks with some clever tricks.

Gallipoli Photographs (
Unpublished photos of the 1915 campaign.

Interpretative Panels at the Anzac Commemorative Site (
Links to the ten panels are in the menu at the left of the page.

A is for ANZACs (
A to Z of Anzac Day traditions and terms, many containing images from Gallipoli in 1915.

Evacuating wounded from Anzac Cove (
Photo of boats with wounded soldiers.

A camera on Gallipoli (
A guide to the Australian War Memorial's exhibitions and collections of images on Gallipoli.


Gallipoli then and now Anzac Cove and Gallipoli then and now - interactive (
Photographs have been skilfully taken at the locations of fifteen scenes at Anzac Cove in 1915 to enable you to see a beautiful then-and-now transition.

Gallipoli Then and Now (archived from
Choose picture from thumbnails then move your mouse over the picture to see the scene in 1915.

Gallipoli Then and Now (
This website presents some of the images in Snelders' "Gallipoli Then and Now" website (see previous item).

See also these videos:

Cricket match photo video

ANZAC for Schools (44-minute video)
Photo slideshows With the camera at Anzac (
"This album contains 41 views of Anzac Beach and the surrounding hills and gullies ...There are images of sandbags and barbed wire, hospital tents and supply depots, captured Turkish soldiers, diggers in trenches, Lord Kitchener with his generals, crosses in the cemetery and imposing landmarks such as ‘The Sphinx’."

Art The section on artwork by and of Gallipoli soldiers has been moved to its own page: Gallipoli art
Posters The section on posters has been moved to its own page: Posters


Anzac Kids


Individual Soldiers See:
Gallipoli diaries page
Gallipoli biographies page
Pictorial Honour Rolls from


See also

Gallipoli art

Anzac Cove today, which includes 360-degree panorama photos

News videos

Video slideshows

Video clips activities

Gallipoli films


Battles involving the Light Horse

Cricket match photo video






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