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Maps of Gallipoli military activities



Mapping Gallipoli (
Access over 300 maps from the Gallipoli campaign:

- Landing maps
- Cemetery maps
- Turkish maps
- Trench maps

The Gallipoli Campaign - maps [pdf file] (
This DVA publication. "From Gallipoli to Dili - The Spirit of Anzac" is more than 100 pages long. See "The Gallipoli Campaign" on pages 7-11 for the maps.
If the above document appears to be UNAVAILABLE, go to Teaching about Gallipoli ( and download "From Gallipoli to Dili - The Spirit of Anzac".

Why did Anzacs land at Gallipoli? (
Scroll down for a map showing the location of the Anzac landing and the Turkish defences.

Allied Landings at Gallipoli 1915 (
From Oxford Companion to NZ Military History.

ANZAC - Map of Gallipoli 1915 (archived from
Reproduced from the book Gallipoli Campaign by Huseyin Uluaslan, Canakkale,Turkey.

Map of Australian commemorative sites at Gallipoli [pdf file] (originally from

Battlefield Maps - Gallipoli Front (
Download pdf files of maps, choice of three sizes, for:
- Pre-Invasion Situation
- Initial Allied Landings
- Progress of Helles landings
- Allied Attacks of August 1915

Gallipoli and Australian Identity 1915-2000 [pdf] (
See pages 4-7 for "A Narrative of the Gallipoli Campaign" illustrated with maps.
If the above document appears to be UNAVAILABLE, go to Teaching about Gallipoli ( and download "Gallipoli and the Australian Identity 1915-2000".

Gallipoli and the Anzacs Unit 4: The Gallipoli Campaign ( [pdf file]
Information including maps for use in a major timeline-based activity on the Gallipoli Campaign.

Gallipoli: A Social Perspective (archived from, Army Museum of South Australia) [pdf file]
Contains some maps.

Gallipoli Peninsula Relief Map (
Southern section of the Gallipoli Peninsula showing landing beaches and front lines, August 1915.

Gallipoli - geography, then and now (
(If the web page is unavailable, you can find the information in the archived pdf file: Anzac Day Kit [pdf, 3.9MB].)
Scroll down, almost to the bottom, to "Gallipoli - geography, then and now". (Note that many links are not accessible as this material was produced for users of the Parliamentary Library computer facilities.)


Pen and ink maps

The Anzac Legend: Various map types (
Dave Dye's graphic history book, The Anzac Legend, incorporates a number of maps and diagrams in presenting the story of the landing at Gallipoli.
- Click on the examples at right and below.
- For more information about the book, see our Books page

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