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Anzac Centenary 2014-18

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Commemorating the participation of Australians and New Zealanders in World War 1 (1914-18)
(See also Gallipoli 2015)




Official websites

AUSTRALIA: Anzac Centenary (
The Australian Government's Anzac Centenary website.
See also the Gallipoli 2015 page

NEW ZEALAND: First World War Centenary (
The New Zealand Government's website of information about commemorating participation in World War 1.


Other sites World War 1, Australian War Memorial photoCentenary projects 1914-18 (
The Australian War Memorial's page on the World War 1 centenary.

First World War Centenary (
Summarises how various countries are planning to commemorate the centenary of the First World War at this stage.

The Centenary of Anzac (
Information provided for Members of Federal Parliament by the Parliamentary Library.


See the Anzac Centenary news page (


WW100 New Zealand Facebook (
Subscribe to the New Zealand WW100 Facebook account.

WW100 News (
News of World War 1 centenary activities and events.

See also Anzac Day news


Anzac Kids

Events and programs

Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience

This was a superb free travelling audio-visual experience which has now finished its tour of Australian cities.

Anzac Centenary events (

Camp Gallipoli (
Camp Gallipoli is a fundraising sleep-out event for Australians and New Zealanders.


Planning under way for Anzac centenary ( 30 Mar 2011
New Zealand projects to mark the Anzac centenary, as anticipated in March 2011.

Commemoration dates (
Media release listing dates of major planned New Zealand and overseas World War 1 commemorations.

Diorama figures in the Great War Exhibition, Wellington
Mustering the Troops: Diorama in Great War Exhibition (
Mustering the Troops is the blog site for a Gallipoli diorama which uses 5,000 individually painted figures of soldiers, now opened as part of the Great War Exhibition in Wellington. See also:
Peter Jackson shows off his Great War Exhibition in Wellington, 18 Apr 2015 (

Features 100 Years of Untold Stories: Anzac to Afghanistan (
A collection of stories of Australians involved in wartime activities.
(Alternative sources:,
Issues Anzac centenary could be divisive ( 26 Mar 2012
There are risks in commemorating historical military events in a multicultural society such as Australia.

Julia Gilard rejects fears Anzac Day centenary could divide us ( 26 Mar 2012
Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Anzac Centenary will not be divisive for our multicultural society and that it will be supported by young people in particular.

● See also Gallipoli 2015: Issues


See also:

Gallipoli 2015

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