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The Australian Rules football match played on Anzac Day




The Anzac Day Clash
The Anzac Day Clash is an Australian Rules football match between the Collingwood and Essendon teams that is played on Anzac Day each year and is preceded by a short Anzac commemoration.

Collingwood (PHOTO: The Age, 25/4/2009)  

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Background - history, significance of the Anzac Day Clash

The 2019 clash

The 2018 clash

The 2017 clash

The 2016 clash

The 2015 clash

The 2014 clash

Earlier clashes: 2013, 2012, 2011

The issue of restricting this special match to the two teams

● News: St Kilda in an Anzac Day clash-style match in New Zealand in 2013

Issues related to sport and war

  PHOTOS: The Age

Essendon (PHOTO: The Age, 25/4/2009)


Anzac Day Clash background

Anzac Day Clash (
Wikipedia covers information and issues relating to the Anzac Day Clash, including:

Early history of Australian Rules games on Anzac Day

History of the Collingwood-Essendon Anzac Day Clash
Note the role of Kevin Sheedy. And note that there is now an issue over restricting the match to Collingwood and Essendon.

Meaning and significance of the Anzac Day Clash
Note how the match creates an opportunity for many people to become involved in an Anzac Day commemoration and be reminded about the Anzac spirit and what it means.

On the other hand, there is criticism of the clash as being an opportunity for some people to make money out of an Anzac commemoration. And there is sometimes criticism when the link is made between fighting in war and fighting to win a football match.

The Anzac Medal
Note how the medal links the game with the Anzac spirit.


History of Anzac Day football ( 23 Apr 2014
"(T)he most eagerly anticipated home and away game of the AFL season."


The 2019 match Anzac Day Clash 2019 to clash with Easter schedule (
The closeness of Anzac Day and Easter in 2019 has created a few uncertainties for the football schedule.
The 2018 match Follow Collingwood vs Essendon live ( 25 Apr 2018
Live stream details and summaries.
The 2017 match Anzac Day: Essendon v Collingwood at the MCG ( 25 Apr 2017
As tipped, Essendon broke Collingwood's winning run of Anzac Day clashes in 2017, defeating Collingwood by 18 points.

The 2016 match AUSTRALIA:

Heat on ahead of Anzac Day clash ( 18 Apr 2016
Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley identifies forward Travis Cloke's form and fitness as being critical to his participation in the forthcoming Anzac Day match against Essendon.

Collingwood easily defeat Essendon ( 25 Apr 2016
In a 69-point victory in the 2016 Anzac Day clash, Collingwood (22 goals 10 behinds) defeated Essendon (11 goals 7 behinds).


No New Zealand game in 2016 ( 21 Sep 2015
St Kilda will not be hosting a 2016 Anzac Day clash in New Zealand.

The 2015 matches AUSTRALIA:

ANZAC Day information 2015 ( 21 Apr 2015
Background information and program for the 2015 Anzac Day clash between Collingwood and Essendon in Melbourne.

Collingwood Magpies defeat Essendon Bombers in Anzac Day clash ( 25 Apr 2015
In the sixth year of the Anzac Day clash in Australia, the Collingwood football team has achieved its fifth win, defeating Essendon by 20 points.


Saints, Blues look to annual Anzac Day clash in NZ ( 15 Jan 2015
St Kilda and Carlton will face each other in an Anzac Day clash in New Zealand.

Carlton defeats St Kilda in Anzac Day clash in Wellington ( 25 Apr 2015
In the third year of the New Zealand Anzac Day clash, the Carlton football team defeated St Kilda by 40 points.
The 2014 matches Essendon v Collingwood - 2014 preview (
The 20th Anzac Day clash between Collingwood and Essendon will be played at the MCG on Friday.

Collingwood football Club: Your guide to ANZAC Day 2014 (

Ultimate ANZAC Day preview (

Stars to miss Anzac Day (

The 2013 matches Essendon v Collingwood - report (
Played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria. Won by Essendon.
Match photos (
Preview (

St Kilda v Sydney - report (
Played in Wellington, New Zealand. Won by the Sydney Swans.
Match photos (
Preview (
The 2012 match Collingwood wins AFL Anzac Day clash (
(Link no longer operating.)
Collingwood defeated Essendon in the 2012 Anzac Day Clash.

Kokoda veteran Bill Mahney with Jobe Watson and Nick MaxwellBring on MCG Anzac Day battle, says Kokoda veteran (
Herald Sun, 25 April 2012
Kokoda veteran Bill Mahney will be among the soldiers from the 39th AIF Battalion who will be acknowledged before the Anzac Day Clash of 2012 begins.



PHOTO: Herald Sun

The 2011 match

Collingwood, 2011 winners (PHOTO: The Age)SPORTS NEWS
Football finds its place in the Anzac sun (
The Age, 26 April 2011
A report of the Anzac Day Clash between Essendon and Collingwood on 25 April 2011.



Essendon won the
2011 Anzac Day Clash

PHOTO: The Age

The Anzac Day Clash between Collingwood and Essendon commences (PHOTO: The Age, 25/4/2009) Running through the banner before the Anzac Day Clash match begins

PHOTO: The Age

ISSUE: Only for Collingwood and Essendon?

Share it around (
ABC News, 24 April 2018
The annual Anzac Day clash game should be rotated between the 18 clubs, sportswriter Richard Hines argues.

Malthouse breaks ranks on Anzac Day (
ABC News, 20 April 2011
Collingwood's coach says he has doubts over whether the Anzac Day Clash should be restricted to Collingwood and Essendon.

AFL Anzac Day match must be opened to teams other than Collingwood and Essendon (
Courier Mail, 25 April 2011
Andrew Hamilton argues that Collingwood and Essendon must display the Anzac quality of sacrifice by allowing other teams to play in the Anzac Day Clash.

We'll keep the Anzac match: Collingwood (
The Age, 25 April 2011
Opinion is split over whether Collingwood and Essendon should remain the only teams to play in the Anzac Day Clash.

Three matches in 2014? AFL considers Anzac Day triple header (
26 April 2013|
It is within the realms of possibility for Anzac Day on Friday 25 April 2014 to see three matches: at the MCG (Victoria) at 2pm, in Wellington (New Zealand) at 5pm and at Fremantle (Western Australia) later in the evening (Eastern states times).

Anzac Kids


St Kilda in New Zealand? Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo suppplied to Herald Sun)SPORTS NEWS
AFL endorses St Kilda's Anzac Day match in New Zealand next year (
(Access restricted.)
The St Kilda football team has received AFL approval to play an Anzac Day clash-style game in New Zealand in 2013.

ISSUE: Sport and war

Travelling Exhibitions: Sport and War (
Notes about the Australian War Memorial's "Sports and War exhibitions.

Beyond the metaphor: football and war, 1914-1918 (
By Dale James Blair. From the Journal of the Australian War Memorial, Issue 28, April 1996.
An academic discussion of issues relating to the link between war and sport.

Sport-war links in the film 'Gallipoli' (
Peter Weir's film Gallipoli portrays a number of connections between war and sport, as summarised under 'THINGS TO NOTE', Point 1.

Gallipoli Youth Cup
International Junior Tennis Tournament

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