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Anzac biscuit recipes

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Recipes for baking Anzac biscuits




Anzac biscuits - recipe types

See below for these SPECIAL KINDS of Anzac Biscuits:

ALTERNATIVE Anzac biscuit recipes

CHEWY Anzac biscuits


COCONUT OIL Anzac biscuits

COCONUT-LESS Anzac biscuits

FRUCTOSE-FREE Anzac biscuits

GLUTEN FREE  Anzac biscuits

GOLDEN SYRUP-FREE Anzac biscuits

LOW FAT, LESS SUGAR Anzac biscuits

LOW GI Anzac biscuits

OAT-FREE Anzac biscuits

OLIVE OIL Anzac biscuits

SUGAR-FREE Anzac biscuits

VEGETABLE OIL Anzac biscuits



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Anzac biscuits - history

Anzac biscuit recipes WITH COCONUT Today's standard Anzac biscuit recipe

Coconut appears to have been a standard ingredient in Anzac biscuits since the 1930s (see Sian Supski's report, page 8). If you do not like coconut or you wish to try the very early recipes, see the No coconut recipes in the next section.

ANZAC Biscuits (
Origin and history of the Anzac biscuit, along with a recipe (includes coconut).

Anzac Biscuits: The Origin and Recipe (
Includes three recipes altogether. The third one ("Anzac biscuits, No. 2") contains coconut. The three recipes are:
- the old army biscuit or Anzac tile/wafer recipe (this is NOT the common "Anzac biscuit")
- the early Anzac Biscuit recipe without coconut, and
- the basic Anzac Biscuit recipe with coconut ("Anzac biscuits, No. 2")

Anzac biscuits (
Anzac biscuits coconut recipe from McKenzie's Foods.

Anzac Biscuits (
Origin and recipe. Anzac Biscuits (

Anzac Biscuits Recipe (

Delicious Anzac - an oldie but a goodie (, posted by Sophie)

Anzac Biscuits (
Includes nutrition per serving.

Sally Wise's Anzac Biscuits (
Includes coconut.

Traditional Anzac Biscuits (
Two recipes are provided. The "Traditional biscuits" recipe includes coconut. From Sue Dyson and Roger McShane.

Anzac Biscuits Recipe (
Includes coconut.

Anzac Biscuits (aka Soldiers' biscuits) (
Includes "an old grandmother's recipe" (using coconut) and a recipe that "makes 5 dozen" (also using coconut).


No coconut Coconut-less Anzacs (
"A traditional version without coconut."

Traditional Anzac Biscuits (
Two recipes are provided. "Our 'new' recipe" avoids coconut. From Sue Dyson and Roger McShane.

Anzac Biscuits: The Origin and Recipe (
Includes three recipes. The middle one (the first one under the heading "Anzac biscuit recipes") contains no coconut.

Video recipe VIDEO (YouTube)
Nicko's Kitchen:  Video Recipe - Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day information:


Chewy Anzac biscuit recipes Anzac Biscuits - Chewy (
Anzac biscuits that are claimed to be crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Chewy Anzac Biscuit Recipe (

Search for chewy Anzac biscuits (
In the search box, type: chewy anzac biscuits

Low fat, less sugar Anzac biscuit recipes

Bronze Aussies: Anzacs with much less saturated fat (The Hunt for Low Sodium Products:
Scroll down to the bottom of the page. "This is my modification of the classic Anzac Biscuit recipe with much less saturated fat."
- oil and water instead of butter
- wheat germ and coconut essence instead of desiccated coconut
- wholemeal flour instead of white flour

Anzac biscuits (
The recipe writers replace some flour with wholemeal flour, reduce the quantities of brown sugar and coconut, and substitute oil for butter.

Really healthy Anzac biscuits (
Includes almond meal, rapadura sugar and apple juice concentrate

Low fat Anzacs (
[This web page at no longer appears to be available.]
"Our version has less sugar and significantly less total and saturated fat."


Anzac Kids


Sugar-free (fructose-free) Anzac biscuit recipes
"Sugar-free" and "fructose-free" recipes

The main kind of sugar that health-conscious people currently try to avoid is high-fructose corn syrup. Many people also try to avoid simple "fructose". And since the sucrose of table sugar contains fructose, many reduce the use of table sugar as well.

Foods and sweeteners that have no such fructose content are appropriately called "fructose-free". But they are also called "sugar-free" even though they might contain more acceptable sugars such as glucose or dextrose. (Glucose and dextrose are very similar but come from different sources.)

Therefore, the ingredients of these Sugar-free Anzac biscuits usually contain no fructose but they MAY CONTAIN OTHER SUGARS.

Sugar-free Anzac biscuits (
Uses granulated stevia and rice malt syrup. But uses butter.

Butter free and sugar free Anzac biscuits (
Uses olive oil instead of butter, and honey and vanilla instead of sugar and golden syrup.

Anzac Biscuits (
Uses dextrose and rice malt syrup. Suggests use of wholemeal plain flour. But uses butter.

Anzac Biscuits without Golden Syrup (
Uses glucose syrup and dextrose. Uses butter. Recipe also called "Anzac Biscuits" or Rolled Oat Cookies.


Golden syrup-free Anzac biscuits recipes


Recipes for Anzac biscuits without golden syrup are listed in other categories on this page. See:
- Sugar-free (fructose-free) Anzac biscuit recipes
- Low GI Anzac biscuit recipes
- Coconut oil Anzac biscuit recipes

Gluten-free Anzac biscuit recipes Gluten free mock "Anzac" style biscuits - rolled oat cookies (
Uses gluten-free rolled oats, white and brown rice flour.

Anzac Day Tradition (
Uses puffed rice and cornflakes.

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits (
Uses gluten free rolled oats.

Grain-free Anzacs (
As these biscuits, too, lack the characteristic oats, they should not be referred to as "Anzac biscuits". They basically use coconut instead of rolled oats.

Wheat and additive free Anzac biscuit recipe Anzac Biscuit Slice (
[The web page at no longer appears to be available.]
Wheat and additive free Anzac biscuit recipe. Uses Brighterlife Bendy Bread Mix.
Oat-free "Anzac biscuit" recipe Crunchy Anzac-ish biscuits (
As they lack the characteristic oats, these biscuits should not be referred to as "Anzac biscuits". They basically use quinoa flakes plus brown rice flour, almond meal, buckwheat or tapioca flour instead of oats, and include vanilla bean powder and ground cinnamon. Use either rice malt syrup or maple syrup.

Low GI Anzac biscuit recipes
Healthier Anzac Biscuits (
"Dairy free, low GI, low sugar, wheat free." Uses wholemeal spelt flour, sunflower oil, rice syrup.
Coconut oil Anzac biscuit recipes Coconut Anzac Biscuits Recipe (
Uses coconut oil instead of butter, and turbinado (raw) sugar and honey instead of white sugar and golden syrup.

Veganized Anzac Biscuits (
Uses coconut oil instead of butter, and agave nectar instead of sugar and golden syrup.

Vegetable oil Vegan recipes - Anzac Biscuits (
Instead of butter, uses "oil" - presumably vegetable oil.

Olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Anzac Biscuits (
Recipe uses olive oil instead of butter. Provided by an olive oil manufacturer.

Olive Oil Anzac Biscuits (
The author acknowledges the recipe source as being an advertisement form olive oil in a recipe magazine.

Alternative recipes and uses for Anzac biscuits

Traditional Anzac biscuits

Note that dipping Anzac biscuits in chocolate or making other modifications breaks with the "traditional" recipe. Referring to Anzac biscuits as Anzac "cookies" is frowned upon in Australia. For more information  see the DVA's Protecting the word Anzac page.

The Anzac (biscuit) story (
ee "The future" for suggested variations, which include alternative recipes for Anzac biscuits and the use of Anzac biscuits to vary the ingredients of other recipes

Search for Anzac biscuits with macadamia nuts (
In the search box, type: anzac biscuits macadamia

Note that departing from a standard Anzac recipe by including nuts would be considered by many as not in keeping with the Anzac tradition.

Search for Anzac biscuits crumbles (
For a variety of suggestions on howcrumbles from Anzac biscuits can be used, in the search box, type: anzac biscuits crumbles

Search for giant Anzac biscuits (
In the search box, type: giant anzac biscuits.

Anzac Granola (
A kind of Anzac biscuit muesli suitable as a breakfast food. Sugar-free, includes stevia powder, rice syrup, powdered ginger, almond meal, vanilla extract. Note that in Australia and New Zealand the word "Granola" is trademarked.

30+ Anzac biscuit recipes (
Scroll well down for links to these recipes:
- Anzac slice
- Anzac caramel slice
- Anzac bar sliced
- Chocolate chip Anzac slice
- Anzac scones
- Anzac banoffee pie
- Anzac biscuit granola
- Thermomix Anzac biscuits
- and more

Search for giant Anzac biscuits (
In the search box, type: giant anzac biscuits


Games Anzac Biscuit Cooking Game (
Follow the instructions to make some Anzac biscuits on your screen. (Note that the music can be turned off.)

  See also Anzac biscuits - origin, history, tradition


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