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Anzac biscuits - history

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The origin, history and tradition of Anzac biscuits




Anzac biscuits
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History and origin of Anzac biscuits




For Anzac biscuit recipes go to our Anzac recipes page


News Putting Anzac biscuits to the [taste] test (
A taste test at the University of Otago, New Zealand, found that New Zealanders preferred an Australian Anzac biscuits recipe over a New Zealand one which contained less sugar.

History Anzac Biscuit (Wikipedia)
Origins and links to recipes. From Wikipedia Encyclopedia, which is written by volunteers. (Links, but no recipe, included.)

The Real ANZAC Biscuit Story (
Makes the point that easily eaten Anzac biscuits of the kind made today were not sent to the soldiers at Gallipoli. The first evidence of a typical Anzac biscuit recipe appears to be in a 1921 publication.

Anzac Biscuits (aka Soldiers' biscuits) (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
How the Anzac biscuit originated.

Anzac biscuits (
Provides the features of the Anzac wafer or Anzac tile (which are NOT "Anzac biscuits"), and of the true Anzac biscuit.

Anzac tile (
The Anzac tile came before the Anzac biscuit.

Anzac biscuit recipes (
Some information about the origin of Anzac biscuits is provided in conjunction with the three recipes on this page.
Note that our Anzac biscuit recipes page provides a large variety of recipes.

Research and history Anzac Biscuits - A Culinary Memorial [bibliographical details only] (
Report on the history of and issues associated with Anzac biscuits, by Sian Supski, Curtin University of Technology.
- Pdf file apparently accessible by signing in using your Google account at
- Among topics covered are:
   - Anzac biscuits and Anzac mythology
   - the origins of Anzac biscuits
   - the role of Anzac biscuits in commemorating Anzac Day
   - the variation in Anzac biscuit recipes
   - the role of women in the war
   - the ingredients: inclusion/omission of coconut and cream of tartar, addition of wattleseed
Reproduces three recipes:
- Anzac Crisps (Green & Gold Cookery Book, 1927)
- Anzac Biscuits (Margaret Fulton Cookbook 25th Anniversary edition, 2004
- Anzac Biscuits (Donna Hay Magazine, Autumn 2001)

Australia strikes a blow in the battle for the Anzac biscuit (
30 Jan 2014  
The discovery of a recipe for Anzac biscuits published in the Argus newspaper on 6 July 1921 brings forward from 1923 the earliest known Anzac biscuit recipe in Australia.

The legend of the Anzac biscuit still shrouded in myth (
17 Apr 2014
Although the common hardtack biscuits, which became known during World War 1 as Anzac tiles, were sent to the soldiers, it appears to be only a legend that Anzac biscuits were commonly sent to the soldiers as well.

The Anzac Biscuit Myth (
Professor Helen Leach of Otago University believes that the name "Anzac" and the recipe first came together as "Anzac Crispies", in New Zealand in 1921.

Blog article - ANZAC Biscuits (
Discusses soldiers' unusual uses of hardtack biscuits and the uncertainty over the origin of Anzac biscuits.

Stop cashing in on our Anzac legend - says RSL (archived from, 1 June 2012
The RSL is concerned about the possible misuse of the Anzac name during the time leading up to the 100th Gallipoli anniversary in 2015.
The approved maker of packaged Anzac biscuits, Unibic Australia, pays 4 per cent of profits to veterans.

Subway cuts Anzac biscuits after request to alter recipe (
Australian Food News, 22 September 2008
"Federal legislation dictates that Anzac biscuits and cakes can only be sold in Australia if the product 'generally conforms to the traditional recipe and shape, is not advertised in any way that would play on Australia’s military heritage, and is not used in association with the word ‘cookies’, with its non-Australian overtones'."

Anzac Biscuit: Legal issues (Wikipedia)

See also Research and history, above.
Songs John Schumann - Anzac Biscuits
John Schumann's song Anzac Biscuits is inspired by the book Anzac Biscuits by Phil Cummings (published by Scholastic). There is a recorded interview with John Schumann including a 50-second sample of the song (at the end of the interview) on this ABC page (

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