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  • The "Background reading" link in the table below provides information that may be of use in completing the crosswords.

  • Three versions of the crosswords enable them to be:

  • completed interactively on the screen now, or

  • printed out now, or

  • downloaded for printing later or incorporating in worksheets.

      The online (interactive) versions of our three crosswords are:

      1. Why Did the Anzacs Land at Gallipoli? (8-CLUE CROSSWORD)

      2. The Significance of Anzac Day (10-CLUE CROSSWORD)

      3. Gallipoli Slang (14-CLUE CROSSWORD)

And here are all three versions...

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Interactive (online) version
- Do the crossword on the screen now
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for easy student access

Print version
- Print the crossword straight off the web page)

Download version
 - Print the crossword later, or embed it in your lesson handouts

(Right-click and save)*

1. Why Land at Gallipoli? Why did Anzacs land at Gallipoli? [pdf] Why Land at Gallipoli? Why Land at Gallipoli? why.doc**
2. The Significance of Anzac Day Anzac Day History (DVA) Significance of Anzac Day Significance of Anzac Day significance.doc
3. Gallipoli Slang Gallipoli Slang (archived web page)
Gallipoli Slang Gallipoli Slang slang.doc

*Files are actually rtf files with the suffix renamed from rtf to doc. They should open as Word documents. If you need the rtf file, simply reverse this renaming.

**The crossword in the why.doc file was changed on 15 April 2009 to correspond to the interactive and print crosswords. The old version is available if you need it.

If you are a teacher and you would like the solutions to our three crosswords, simply email a request to:


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Anzac Kids





 MORE crosswords...


Other crossword puzzles:


Gallipoli crossword [pdf] (
This link is currently (11 June 2017) not working. You may need to try the archived version.
Printable 20-clue crossword on the Anzacs and Gallipoli. For more information, teachers should see "Classroom Activities" on the AWM Diary of an Anzac web page.

Anzac Day! (
Printable pdf version available. Solution available (by email).



VETERANS DAY (Remembrance Day in the USA)
Veterans Day Puzzles for Kids (


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