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Lesson activities for students learning about the significance of Anzac Day






Classroom activities (including worksheets)

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The following types of classroom activities are listed on OTHER PAGES of this website:

Note that many UNITS and ACTIVITIES for students are included in our page:

See also our related site Anzac Kids where we have brought together the various interactive and video activities for easy student access


See our related site
Anzac Kids
for online crosswords, games and other interactives in one place
and easier student access

See Anzac Kids for interactives and videos in one place

See Booklets for many units and worksheets to download

Collections of Anzac Day activities

Themes - Anzac Day: Classroom Units (

Looking for more

See also Booklets to Download

Lists the following activities, then provides a suggested list of resources for students and a teacher's guide for the early childhood activities.

Anzac or ANZAC?

When teaching students about Anzac Day be aware of the Anzac/ANZAC issue.

In providing links to resources, our website generally uses the format chosen by the publisher of the material.

Note: See Themes - Anzac Day: Classroom Units for more activities and student resources, all under the heading "Student Resources".

Classroom Activities (
See the list of activities.
(From the
ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland. This website is related to the above "Themes - Anzac Day" site.)

ANZAC Day - FTfs (
Ready-to-use classroom resources from "For Teachers for students":
- Facts for students, including the eight-page Anzac Day facts for students [pdf] to print out
- Lessons and activity sheets page where ideas and activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum. For example, see the two-page ANZAC Day Comprehension Sheet [pdf].

A Day to Remember (
List of links to suggested activities, inspired by A Day to Remember: The Story of Anzac Day by Jackie French.

Links to various activities Anzac Day Education (Australian War Memorial)
Australian War Memorial website See also further activities in:

- Classroom resources and activities
- Memorial boxes

Pinterest Anzac Day activities pages Pinterest: Anzac Day Activities (

Pinterest: Anzac Day (

Pinterest: Anzac Day Ideas (

Anzac logo activity Anzac Day Logo Classroom Activity (
Students analyse examples of Anzac Day logos, then create their own. The activity can be downloaded as a Word document.

Unit and activity ideas

See also Booklets and units to download

● See our Booklets to download page for free units to download.

Anzac Day Unit Ideas [pdf file, 0.02MB] (previously at
List of unit or activity ideas, mostly involving computer use.

Lesson Ideas - ANZAC Day [pdf] (
Two-page pdf file of Anzac Day lesson ideas covered by the "For Teachers for students" page referred to above.

Anzac diary lesson suggestions Diary of an Anzac (
Lesson suggestions using the diary of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.
- See also our Anzac Diaries page.
Crosswords to print

See also Interactive crosswords
Anzac Day Crosswords (
- Why did the Anzacs land at Gallipoli? - crossword
- The significance of Anzac Day - crossword
- Gallipoli slang - crossword

Crosswords can be printed from the screen, downloaded or played online.
(Solutions available.)

Anzac Day! (
Printable pdf version available. (Solution available using email.)

More crosswords on the Anzac Websites Crosswords page (scroll down).

Word searches to print

See also Interactive
word searches
Anzac Day Word Search (Word Find) Puzzles (
- Gallipoli Campaign - word search
- Soldiers - word search
- Military Operations - word search
- Simpson and his Donkey - word search
- Anzac Spirit  - word search
- Dawn Service - word search

ESL/literacy English Lesson Plan on Anzac Day (
A series of literacy and comprehension exercises designed for English as a Second Language students.
Cloze activities Anzac Day Cloze Activities
[Original website not available.]
New Zealand exercise. Try the archived version (click "Impatient?").
Jigsaw puzzles Poppytime jigsaw puzzles to print (
In particular, Lest we forget and We will remember them are suitable for Anzac Day. Poster versions are also available.
Image interpretation Wartime Snapshots [pdf file] (
Questions on the landing at Gallipoli and Anzac Day, centred on the two photographs in an Anzac Day poster.
Book-related activities My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day (archived from
Activities for use with the picture book "My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day" by Catriona Hoy:
- Getting started
- Activities
- Assessment
Targeted at Year levels 2-4.
See also Teacher notes [pdf file] from the author. Author's website (
  See also
the activity groups listed at the top
●  Booklets and units to download
●  Essay activity on the Anzac legend
See Anzac Kids for interactives and videos in one place



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The diary of Gallipoli and Western Front soldier Bert Orchard was published in 2010. See details.