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Booklets and units
Department of Veterans' Affairs

DVA Resources

See the extensive list of booklets and posters to download

Gallipoli and the Anzacs  (
An earlier version of this collection of resources was sent to schools several years ago. However, the printable resources can be downloaded free: Gallipoli and the Anzacs [pdf, 29MB].
The individual units are:
- Introduction for Teachers
- Unit 1: Australians at war in 1914
- Unit 2: The Dardanelles strategy and geography
- Unit 3: The landing at Gallipoli
- Unit 4: The Gallipoli Campaign
- Unit 5: Fighting and surviving at Anzac
- Unit 6: Receiving news of Gallipoli on the home front
- Unit 7: Understanding Anzac Day - past, present, future

We Remember Anzac: Primary Resource [pdf] (archived from
Information and activities that focus on the Anzac story and commemoration. More information.

Centenary of WW1 (
A special Gallipoli-themed educational website from Australia Post.
This website is no longer available
However links to archived pages can be found on our Classroom activities page

AWM Education Publications (
Good quality colour booklets (in pdf form) from the Australian War Memorial to download:
- Forever Yours: wartime love and friendship (60 pages)
- Ancestry: multicultural Anzacs (33 pages)
- Audacity: heroic Australians (60 pages).
- Devotion: wartime nurses (56 pages)
- M is for Mates: animals in wartime (64 pages)
- We'll Meet Again: love in wartime (114 pages)

Salute to the Aussie Digger [pdf file] (archived from
Studies of Society and Environment Magazine Issue 1 2008.
For Gallipoli questions see pages 16-18.

Investigating Gallipoli: A resource for primary schools (
Worksheets and information. Designed for primary students.
Download the complete publication:.
- Investigating Gallipoli: complete publication [pdf]
The sections are:

- Introduction for Teachers
- Worksheets for My Storybook
  Information and cutouts for students to use in completing My Storybook (next item).
- My Storybook of the Anzacs at Gallipoli 1915
  For completion by students, using the worksheets of the previous item.
- The Worksheet master pages for My Storybook
   Information for completing the rest of the previous item.
A DVD-ROM ( related to this material is available.

Australian Women in World War 1 (1914-1918) [pdf] (
[Link currently not available, 15 Nov 2020.]
Many activities refer to the use of a CD/DVD but teachers will be able to adapt many questions for use without that resource.

Australian Women in World War II (1939-1945) [pdf] (
[Link currently not available, 15 Nov 2020.]
A CD/DVD is refered to but teachers weill be able to A CD/DVD is refered to but teachers weill be able to make good use of this booklet of activities.

Gallipoli and Australian Identity 1915-2000 [pdf] (archived from
Student activity booklet to download.
No longer on the DVA website as it may be outdated.

Operation CLICK: Anzac to Kokoda - Resource Book (archived from
Includes worksheets. Scroll down for the individual pdf files to download.
This resource is no longer available on the DVA website as it presumably contains some material that may be out of date.

Too dark for the light horse: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence forces [pdf] (
Designed for use in conjunction with Memorial Box 03.

Gallipoli 2000 [pdf file]
(archived from

"The Anzac Story from the Interpretive Panels at the Anzac Commemorative Site at North Beach, Gallipoli Peninsula."
Their Spirit, Our History [pdf] (

nformation and activities to helkp students undrstand the long background to Anzac Day commemorations.
There are four sections:
- DISCOVER: Origina dn significance of Anzac Day.
- IMAGINE: Documents illustrating the life of those who fought and those who were at home.
- SEARCH: Activities for students.
- REMEMBER: Planning and conducting a commemorative ceremony.

ANZAC: Where history and spirit meet (
[Web page currently unavailable, 15 Nov 2020.]
"Educational materials to support the commemoration of ANZAC Day."
See also
Teacher's Manual

Australians on the Western Front
"Investigating the experience of Australians on the Western Front 1916-18."
The document tom download is:
- Australians on the Western Front [pdf] (

See also:
- Australians on the Western Front 1916 to 1918  (

Gallipoli: A Social Perspective [pdf file] (archived from
By Matt Walsh. "This booklet is an initiative of the Defence Reserves Association (NSW) Inc. and the Military Police Association of Australia Inc. as part of their Schools Military History Program."

From Gallipoli to Dili: The Spirit of Anzac [pdf file] (archived from
No longer on the DVA website, presumably because it is a little out of date. Traces the participation of Australia's armed services in war and peace.

A History Unit for Anzac Day (
This Year 2 unit focusing on the local war memorial is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and includes use of the books as well as other activities. Note the two pdf files to download.

Gallipoli 100th Anniversary Tribute (
(A liftout rather than a booklet).
Covers: Gallipoli landing, evacuation, naval perspective, diary entries, submarine AE2, air power, Turkish perspective,VCs, Anzac nurses.

[The following suggestion is not currently applicable as the Shrine's activities are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic (15 Nov 2020):.
See the list of booklets supporting visits to Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance]


Anzac Kids


Lists of booklets to download DVA Resources (
List of downloadable booklets from the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

AWM Classroom Resources (
List of downloadable publications from the Australian War Memorial..

New Zealand booklets Remembering the First World War Teaching Resource [pdf] (
Resource-based activity suggestions on a wide variety of aspects of World War 1. (More information.)

World War 1 Education Resource for Teachers [pdf] (
The worksheet questions would appear to be designed for students in Years 7 and 8.

Booklets and units with a $ cost Anzac Day Display, Activities and Worksheets for reading/writing (
Anzac Day posters, worksheets, task cards, word search. Requires registration and payment. See also the Pinterest page for this resource.

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