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Books that deal with the Gallipoli campaign and the Anzac legend: lists and links to suppliers


Book lists

A panel from Dave Dye's graphic history book The Anzac Legend which is particularly suitable for secondary students. See below for more information.

Good reads - Anzac Day (
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This site lists a number of children's books with an Anzac theme, including fiction (see the site for a very brief description of each book):

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day, by Catriona Hoy (picture book)

Anzac Cottage: The House That Was Built in a Day, by Valerie Everett (picture book)

In Flanders Fields, by Norman Jorgensen (picture book)

Memorial, by Gary Crew (picture book)

Caesar the Anzac Dog, by Patricia Stroud (true story)

The Donkey of Gallipoli: A True Story of Courage in World War I, by Mark Greenwood (true story)

Harry and the Anzac Poppy, by John Lockyer (learning from reading soldier's letters)

Scarecrow Army: The ANZACS at Gallipoli, by Leon Davidson (history for young adults)

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys, by Jackie French (novel for young adults)

Book List: Stories for Anzac Day (
A list of children's books that have an Anzac Day theme, each with bibliographical details and a very brief synopsis.

Anzac Day Picture Books (
Short reviews on a number of books that are of use in explaining the Anzac tradition to children.

Top 20 Picture Books on Anzac Day (
Books are not reviewed but are linked to purchase pages which contain reviews.

15 Top Anzac Day Books for Children (
Very brief summaries of each book are provided.

Bibliography for teaching Gallipoli (archived from

Anzac Day Books (Queensland Government Library Services)
(Archived version .)

101 Indispensable Works on the Great War (
Classified list, with brief comment on each book.

Books about Anzacs for Upper Primary and Lower High School Years (
(Site unavailable 28 Jan 2017. If still unavailable, try the archived version.)

List of several books, with comments on each.

Our New Anzac Books (
A blogger's comments on a number of Anzac-related books suitable for young people.


Anzac books for sale by non-profit bodies DVA Education Resources (
From the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Most resources can be either purchased as a printed publication, often with a CD or DVD, or downloaded free.

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland (
Books and learning packs for sale.

Graphic history books The Anzac Legend (
A graphic history book by Dave Dye on the involvement of Australians and New Zealanders in World War 1 from the outbreak of war until 5 May 1915, with a special focus on the landing at Gallipoli. The presentation of the historical facts in a graphic-novel format combined with the use of maps and diagrams will make it especially appealing to secondary students.
- See also examples on our Maps page.
- For more information see the author's blog site, The Anzac Legend.
- For purchase details see the author's publishing site, Wotsleft Books.
Anzac Day history Anzac Day Media Style Guide: Further Reading [pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2016 page 59)
Anzac children's books Anzac Day Parade [pdf] (archived from
Teaching tips for use with the children's book Anzac Day Parade by Glenda Kane and Lisa Allen.

● See also:
A History Unit for Anzac Day (
This Year 2 unit is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and includes use of the book referred to above, Anzac Day Parade.


New Zealand focus Anzac Day: The New Zealand Story (
New Zealand writer Philippa Werry aims to help children understand Anzac Day services and appreciate the importance of Anzac Day.

Armistice Day: The New Zealand story (
The story of the day when World War 1 fighting ended: 11 November 1918.  By children's writer Philippa Werry.

Anzac fiction Lighthouse Girl: Teaching Notes [pdf] (
The book Lighthouse Girl (link goes to publisher';s web page) uses archival material to combine historical facts with fiction. The story of a young female who communicates with soldiers at Gallipoli and elsewhere. By children's writer Dianne Wolfer.

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