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Early books

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Early books on the Anzac story




The Anzac Book (edited by C.E.W. Bean)
Five Months at Anzac (Joseph Lievesley Beeston)
Official Histories - First World War I (C.E.W. Bean)
The Anzac Story (T.A. Milles)
The Story of the Anzacs (published by James Ingram & Son)
Three Years with the New Zealanders (C.H. Weston)
The New Zealanders at Gallipoli (Fred Waite)



THE ANZAC BOOK (reproduced originally from

The Anzac Book is subtitled "Written and Illustrated in Gallipoli by the Men of Anzac". It is edited by C.E.W. Bean.

The Anzac Book is no longer available at the url (which was part of the Digger History group of websites). You now need to access the archived version of that site, starting with the Contents page which is available here:
THE ANZAC BOOK (archived version). This archived version may not show all images and may not be available at times of heavy server use. When this version appears to be unavailable, sometimes this works instead: go directly to the Internet Archive then in the Wayback Machine box paste the following url:


COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION: A third edition of the book, containing material omitted from the first edition, is available commercially. The 2003 speech given by the writer of the 3rd edition's foreward, Les Carlyon, is available on the Australian War Memorial website (

ART: People interested in art may like to go to our Anzac art page and watch the video Art Nation - Sidney Nolan's Gallipoli in which Sidney Nolan describes how he obtained inspiration for some of his Gallipoli paintings by reading poems by Gallipoli soldiers in THE ANZAC BOOK.

Official histories - First World War

Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918
(reproduced from

Official histories (

Presented by the Australian War Memorial. See especially:

The story of ANZAC to 4 May 1915 by C.E.W. Bean (published 1941) Scroll down for links to pages on each chapter which include a download link to a pdf file of the chapter itself. [Archived page.]

The story of ANZAC from 4 May 1915 by C.E.W. Bean (published 1941)

Australian Army Medical Services 1914-18 Vol. 1 Part 1 by A.G. Butler (published 1938)

Anzac to Amiens by C.E.W. Bean - especially Ch. VI to XI (first published 1946)

Gallipoli Mission by C.E.W. Bean (published 1948)

For information about Mr Bean see

Charles Bean and the Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918

The Anzac Story

The Anzac Story (reproduced from

The Anzac Story, by T.A. Milles
As the above url appears to be no longer working, first try The Anzac Story (archived version). (If necessary, click "Impatient?".) If that doesn't work, copy the url (the line beginning http://) and paste it into the Wayback Machine. (If you need help, see How to go straight to an archived page.)
Some images are unavailable. The full title of the book is "The Anzac Story, a book for boys and girls".




The Story of the Anzacs

The Story of the Anzacs
Published by James Ingram & Son, Melbourne, 1917. The author, Archibald Strong (Wikipedia page), published the book anonymously.

This book was originally available (without images) at http:/ but it is now not even accessible through the Internet Archive.

You can access snippets on Google Books by searching for likely words or phrases: try the link Google Books: The Story of the Anzacs. But if that link is no longer working you will need to locate the book on Google Books yourself. (Search for: "The Story of the Anzacs" 1917.)

Strangely, the book currently (23 Feb 2017) does not appear to be available on the Project Gutenberg website.






Five Months at Anzac

Five Months at AnzacFive Months at Anzac, by Joseph Lievesley Beeston (

Subtitle: A narrative of personal experiences of the officer commanding the 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Imperial Force

Conveniently set out in sections such as "The Anzac Landing" and "At Work on the Peninsula". Many photographs are provided.

Three Years with the New Zealanders Three Years with the New Zealanders (photo from Google Books)Three Years with the New Zealanders, by C.H. Weston (
The contents of a book by Lieutenant-Colonel C.H. Weston. See especially Chapter IV Gallipoli.
The New Zealanders at Gallipoli The New Zealanders at GallipoliThe New Zealanders at Gallipoli, by Fred Waite (
The contents of a book by Major Fred Waite. Published in 1921.
Collections of early books

The First World War and ANZAC (
Scroll down for
- a list of ebooks to download from the Gutenberg website, and
- a list of ebooks to download from the Internet Archive

Diaries, Memorials, Personal Reminiscences (
A long list of early publications on World War 1.


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Gallipoli Campaign


Galllipoli diaries



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