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Researching and interviewing Australian veterans


Researching activities

Honouring Anzacs (
Students engage in research about an individual soldier, using an online interactive book. Portions of the book may be downloaded and printed. Registration is free, although currently (12 Dec 2015) school registration is unavailable.

Browsing Anzac Day - Social Studies Activities - Levels 4 and 5 (New Zealand) (

AoWM Advanced Search page (
Besides searching, you can look at the various categories.

Interviewing a veteran

See also Interviews


Valuing our veterans (
Several pages designed to assist students in researching a veteran in person. Particularly relevant sections are:
- Gathering Australia's war memories (same as home page of this section)
- Making contact with veterans
- Recording and preserving veterans' memories
Covers: Preparing for the interview, conducting the interview, recording the veterans' memories, interview outcomes.
- Communicating what is learnt

Asking questions of veterans [pdf]  (
See pages 34-35.

Hints for conducting a successful interview (
Twelve points to remember when interviewing a war veteran.

Finding Stories, Questions [pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2016 pages 32-37)
These pages have been written with members of the media in mind, but some of the information may be helpful for students planning to interview people who have participated in military activities.
Your local community Finding evidence of the impact of war on your community (
A general overview of searching your community for evidence of involvement in war, with links to:
- interview hints
- preparing a list [pdf], and
- creating a map [pdf]

Memories (
Click on Recognising Australia's war heritage and Preserving Australia's war heritage for suggetsions and ideas.

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Memorials and rolls

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