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Biographies - Australians

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Biographies of Australians who were at Gallipoli
(See also New Zealand biographies)





AUSTRALIANS at Gallipoli:
Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett
Archie Barwick
Charles Bean
Thomas Blamey
Jack Buntine
Alec Campbell
William Harvey
Jack Hazlitt
Albert Jacka
John SIMPSON Kirkpatrick
Ted Matthews
John Monash

Ben Murray
Gordon Naley
Ellis Silas
Norman Sohier

Hugo Throsser

MORE AUSTRALIANS in "Just Soldiers": see list below, right
Biographies - collections

New Zealand Gallipoli Biographies (separate page)

William Birdwood
Ian Hamilton

More biographical material



Ashmead-Bartlett, Ellis

Ellis Ashmead-BartlettEllis Ashmead-Bartlett - Biography (
English journalist and war correspondent who reported on the Gallipoli campaign, informing the world about the failures of the campaign and conditions faced by the Anzac troops.
[If the link is unavailable, try this archived version.]

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett (

See also Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett's diaries

Just Soldiers

See below for how to read each soldier's story*

Just Soldiers (
An excellent collection of brief s
tories of ordinary Australian soldiers who fought in World War 1. Includes photographs.

Sergeant Lawrence Barber, MM

Captain Frank Bethune, MC

Major Percy Black, DSO, DCM

Trooper Sloan ‘Scotty’ Bolton, DCM

WO2 Noel Eric Bolton-Wood

Captain Benjamin Brodie

Gunner Robert Buie

Lance Corporal Charles Bunney

Corporal Ernest Corey, MM

Trooper Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter

Lance Corporal Francis Curran, DCM

Bombardier Cecil Edwards, MM

2Lt Henry ‘Ernie’ Eibel

Private Edward Elart

Sergeant ‘Harry’ Freame, DCM

Chaplain Alfred Goller

2Lt Robert Graham, DCM

Private John ‘Barney’ Hines

Private Edwin Hoare

Lt Andrew Kirkwall-Smith, DSC, MM

Sergeant Donald MacKechnie

Lt Col Charles Macnaghten, CMG

Private William ‘Harry’ Malthouse

LCpl John Mann, DCM, MM

Privates Ina and Clement Moore

Private Joseph Newman, MM

Private Arthur Oldring

Sister Alice Ross-King, ARRC, MM

Private Alexander Sast

Private Noble Stephenson

Private Stanley Treloar, MM

Gunner William Vandertak

Private Richard Warne, MM

Lance Corporal Vernon Warner

Sergeant William Wass, MM

Corporal William Webb

Private Charles Williamson, MM

WO1 Frank Wittman


From an Anzac Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) publication by Darryl Kelly.

*On the Just Soldiers website, the soldiers' names are not clearly marked as links. Even so, if you CLICK on a SOLDIER'S NAME, that soldier's story will open in a new window.

  Barwick, Archie Archie Barwick (Source unknown)Archie Barwick (
Archie Barwick was born in Tasmania, moved to NSW to manage a sheep property and enlisted in 1914.

Alchetron: Archie Barwick (
Information about the life of Archie Barwick, including a video interview with his daughter

AnzacLive chatbot brings WW1 hero Archie Barwick to life on Facebook Messenger (
FacebookAsk the chatbot anything about Archie Barwick's life in WW1 France, 1916. (Note: this material fopcuses on Archie barwick's Western Front activities rather than his service at Gallipoli.)

See also our Diaries: Archie Barwick section


Bean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C.E.W. Bean)

Charles BeanCharles Edward Woodrow Bean - Biography (
Historian and journalist. Well-known as C.E.W. Bean.

Charles Bean (
The life and work of Charles Bean.

Charles Bean (Wikipedia)

Poster on a film about Charles BeanCharles Bean's Great War (
"A documentary tribute to the life and work of Charles Bean."
Information about a film on Charles Bean which premiered on 11 November 2011.
- Study guide [ pdf, 5MB]

See also Charles Bean's diaries
  Blamey, Thomas
Thomas BlameyBrigadier General Thomas Albert Blamey (
Thomas Blamey landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 and became temporary lieutenant colonel. He appears to have been a controversial character.

Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey (archived from
- click on the link to T.A. Blamey in the index at the left of the above page
This contribution contains detailed information about Blamey's career but only passing mention of his service at Gallipoli.


Buntine, Jack

Jack BuntineJack Buntine: Gallipoli Veteran (
"The odds against Anzac Gallipoli veteran Jack Buntine living to a ripe old age were high indeed..."
  Campbell, Alec Alec CampbellSee The Last Anzac

Harvey, William

William HarveyWilliam Harvey: Anzac Hero, Police Legend (
William Harvey emigrated from Britain to Australia in 1911, worked in the wheat belt, and became one of the Australian diggers who landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

See also William Harvey on the letters page.

Hazlitt, Jack

Jack HazlittJack Hazlitt (
Australian Biography website page relating to the film of Jack Hazlitt. Includes interview transcript, brief biography and study guide.

Australian Biography: Jack Hazlitt - Study Guide (
Provides a link to a pdf study guide to accompany film about World War 1 veteran Jack Hazlitt. Includes synopsis, activities for students and references..

Jacka, Albert

Albert JackaAlbert Jacka (
Information about a novel based on the life of Captain Albert Jacka: The story of a Gallipoli legend by Michael Lawriwsky. Includes World War 1 enlistment poster featuring Albert Jacka.

Captain Albert Jacka (
Details and summary of the life of Captain Albert Jacka.

Albert Jacka (
Albert Jacka fought at Gallipoli and the Western Front, and after the war became mayor of St Kilda. He died at the age of 39 years. He is remembered by several memorials in Victoria and Canberra.

Albert Jacka (
The story of the life of Albert Jacka, prepared by his great grandnephew.

Albert Jacka: winner of Austrlia's first VC of WW1 (
Albert Jacka was acknowledged as a hero by the people of Australia. He was the first Australian to win the Victoria Cross in World War 1.
  Kirkpatrick, John Simpson John Simpson KirkpatrickSimpson and one of his donkeysSee The Man with the Donkey

Matthews, Albert Edward (Ted)

Albert Edward (Ted) MatthewsAlbert Edward (Ted) Matthews (

Albert Edward (Ted) Matthews - The Last Anzac (

Monash, John

Sir John Monash on the $100 noteMonash.John Monash (Wikipedia)
See especially the section on Monash's ervice in Gallipoli.

Monash, Sir John (1865 - 1931) (Australian Dictionary of biography)
The entry is lengthy but provides little detail of Monash's Gallipoli service.

General John Monash (
Monash received some criticism for his performance at Gallipoli but achieved much greater success on the Western Front.

Monash at Gallipoli (National Film and Sound Archive)
From the documentary Monash - The Forgotten Anzac.

Monash: The Forgotten Anzac (
Promotional material for the film on General Sir John Monash.

Murray, Ben

Ben MurrayBen Murray: Indigenous Australian at Gallipoli (
See from third paragraph: "Ben Murray, born in 1891 had an Aboriginal mother and an Afghan father..."

See also:

Mundowdna, from ninth paragraph, beginning "Eventually women were employed..."

ABC Stateline, 8 October 2010

Our Aboriginals at Gallipoli section

  Naley, Gordon Charles Gordon Charles MaleyGordon Charles Naley (
(If you have difficulty scrolling down, use the scroll bar itself.) Western Australian Gordon Naley went ashore at Gallipoli at around 5.00pm on 25 April 1915. A month later, suffering from typhoid he was evacuated to Malta and then to London. When he recovered, he was sent to France where he was injured in the left hip and was taken prisoner by the Germans. After the war he married a baker's daughter he had met in London and returned to Australia where he received a South Australian soldier-settler land grant.


Corporal Gordon Charles Naley (

Charles Gordon NALEY (

Private Gordon Charles Naley (
From the Virtual War Memorial Australia.

Anzac spirit celebrated by indigenous WW1 soldier's family on visit to Albany (

South Australian Aboriginal soldiers of the First World War: 1310 Corporal Gordon Charles Naley of Mundrabilla Station


Silas, Ellis Luciano

Ellis SilasBiography – Ellis Luciano Silas (1885–1972) (
The story of Signaller Ellis Silas. See also the menu at the right of that page, which includes links to his diaries and drawings. Lieutenant-General Birdwood (see below) wrote a foreward to the diary published by Signaller Ellis Silas.

See also Diaries: Ellis Silas (includes sketches by Ellis Silas)

  Simpson See The Man with the Donkey

Sohier, Norman Henry

Norman Henry SohierNorman Henry Sohier
Private Norman Sohier was born in NSW in 1895 and was killed in action at Gallipoli in 1915.
Although the original website featuring his story is no longer available, you could try your luck with this archived version (
  Throssell, Hugo The biography of Hugo Throssell appears (as at 9 Nov 2020) to be no longer available.

Second-Lieutenant Hugo Throssell (
Hugo Throssell was a Western Australian who received the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Hill 60.

He was married to well-known Australian writer Katherine Susannah Prichard.


Biography: Hugo Throssell (1884-1933) (

Bravery awards: Second-lieutenant Hugo Throssell (

Documents relating to Hugo Throssell (

 See also
Diaries: Hugo Throssell

Biographies - collections National Anzac Centre - Research an Anzac story (
More than 30 biographies to choose from. Some soldiers were at Gallipoli, some were not.

New Virtual War Memorial Australia (
Large database of of soldiers.
Click on "People" then enter a soldier's name.

General Officers of the First AIF (
More than 60 biographgies of general officers to choose from. Not all of them were at Gallipoli.
-  Although S.M. Anderson and C.S. Davies are listed in the index, there is no information about them.
- Although the page for T.A. Blamey is unavailable from this saved version of the website, you can access it here: T.A. Blamey (earlier version - click on the link at the left).
Biographies - general Gallipoli - Biographies ( - scroll well down)
(If the web page is unavailable, you can find the information in the archived pdf file: Anzac Day Kit [pdf, 3.9MB].)
Scroll well down to "Gallipoli - Biographies". (Note that many links are not accessible as this material was produced for users of the Parliamentary Library.)

Discovering Anzacs: Profiles (
From the National Archives of Australia. Enables users to commemorate the original Anzacs. Many entries contain biographical details.

AWM Advanced Search page (
Scroll down to "People", then click on "View all People". .
MORE stories of Australians See also

Simpson and his Donkey

The Last Anzac - Alec Campbell

Aboriginals and war

Lesson activities See our Documents page for printable activity sheets on the lives of:

John 'Barney' Hines

Roland Simpson


Anzac Kids


New Zealand
New Zealand biographies have moved to a new page
British soldiers British soldiers who played a role with the Anzac troops:
  William Birdwood
  Ian Hamilton

  Birdwood, William Riddell General William BirdwoodGeneral Birdwood: the 'soul of Anzac' (
The second paragraph contains a reference to Birdwood's role in the origin of the word 'Anzac'. Although he was not Australian-born, Birdwood played an important role as commander of the ANZAC troops and in the development of the Anzac legend at Gallipoli.

Field Marshall William Riddell Birdwood (
British soldier commanding ANZAC troops at Gallipoli. Includes a timeline.

William Birdwood (Wikipedia)
Indian born British soldier who became ANZAC commander at Gallipoli.

Birdwood, William Riddell (Baron Birdwood) (1865 - 1951) (Australian Dictionary of Biography)

  Hamilton, Ian General Sir Ian HamiltonIan Standish Monteith Hamilton (

Sir Ian Hamilton (
Hamilton spent six fruitless months unimaginatively bombarding the Turks at Gallipoli, making little progress but incurring severe casualties..."

See also Diaries: Ian Hamilton
Videos Anzac Heroes (
- Albert 'Tibby' Cotter
     Short video. At Gallipolli only at the end.
- John Simpson Kirkpatrick
     Short video. "The man with the donkey."
MORE biographical material

See also:

Pictorial Honour Rolls from

Two downloadable publications about love and friendship in war released by the Department of Veterans Affairs on 22 March 2011

Additional information:

Biographies of New Zealanders

Anzac diaries

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Anzac interviews

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