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Interviews with Gallipoli soldiers


Interviews Ted Matthews (
Report of an interview recorded in 1995.

Australians at War Film Archive (
Website temporarily unavailable, 8 Nov 2019
Recordings and transcripts of interviews with returned soldiers from all conflicts.
- See especially the transcript of the story by World War 1 veteran from the Western Front Ted Smoult.
- To find a former soldier you are interested in use the Search page.

Jack Hazlitt: Full interview transcript (

Australians at War: Such a Thing Should never Happen Again (
Videos and transcripts of interviews with Gallipoli veterans.

See also

Our special page: The last Anzac - Alec Campbell

● Our Researching page on Interviewing a veteran



Some other sources:

Anzac diaries

Anzac biographies

Anzac diaries

Anzac letters

Anzac reports

Gallipoli Campaign

Early books reproduced

Memorials and rolls

Background to Anzac Day - significance, spirit, tradition, legend


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