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Digger slang

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Slang Australian terms that originated or were used in wartime




Digger slang - general Digger Slang (
General comments on digger slang, plus examples from various wars.

Digger (soldier) (
Possible origins of the term "digger".
World War 1 digger slang
alf a mo
Anzac button, an
Anzac soup
Anzac stew
Anzac wafer, an
Aussie, (an) 
axle grease 
banger, a
banjo, a
belly ache, a 
body-snatcher, a
bully (beef) 
buzz off
camel dung
cobber, a 
coffin nail, a 
cow, a 
digger, a 
dry rations 
furphy, a 
Gallipoli gallop, the 
mate, a 
smoko, a 
snipe, to 
souvenir, to
stiff, a
stouch, to
wangle, to

See Gallipoli Slang for
the meanings

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Gallipoli slang crossword
- print and online versions available

Gallipoli Slang (Archived from
See also our crossword Gallipoli slang
which is based on this website.

Soldier's slang glossary: list of slang terms (
Short list of slang terms used in a soldier's letter (presumably from a fictional "Bert").

The Anzacs and their Words (

By Bruce Moore.

Glossary of Slang and Peculiar Terms in Use in the A.I.F. (
See also main page.

Digger Slang: World War 1 (
Digger slang in World War 1.

The Vocabulary of Australian English ( [pdf file]
By Bruce Moore. See especially pages 21 to 23 for words associated with Anzacs in World War 1.

Australian slang - a story of Australian English (archived from
Scroll down to "First World War", in particular "Digger dialects and a glossary of AIF (Australian Imperial Forces) slang"

Slang Used in the Trenches (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
World War 1 digger slang.

Australian First World War "slanguage"

A scholarly article by Amanada Laugesen. For the link referrred to in the first paragraph, now see Glossary of slang and peculiar terms...

Other WW1 slang Battlefield Colloquialisms of the Great War (WW1)
(archived from
Appears to have been referred to elsewhere as "Glossary of WW1 Slang".
By Paul Hinckley. Note that as this list is based mainly on terms used on the Western Front by British soldiers it is not a list of "digger slang".
World War 2 slang Slang from WW2 (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Alphabetical list of World War 2 digger lang terms.

Digger Slang: World War 2 (
Digger slang in World War 2.

Aussie slang (
Australian slang terms from the World War 2 era.

A pocket guide to Australian slang (
Reproduces "Australian slang", a list of Australian World War 2 slang terms, taken from an unnamed American publication.
Student activities

Soldier's Slang (
"Soldier's letter" (presumably fictional), with link to list of slang terms.

Crossword Gallipoli slang (



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