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Slouch hat

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The Australian digger's slouch hat


Slouch hat

The Slouch Hat and Emu Plumes (
The slouch hat originated from a shortage of helmets during the South African War...

"Kangaroo feathers" and the Australian Light Horse (
The plumes were at first jokingly called "kangaroo feathers".

Slouch Hat (

This khaki hat had its first military use in 1885 as part of the uniform of the Victorian Mounted Rifles...
For more information see the AWM Encyclopedia entry for slouch hat.

The slouch hat: Trademark of the Australian Army (
What is the origin of the famous slouch hat?

Slouch hat (

The slouch hat originated with the felt army hats of the eighteenth century. Today it is an Australian national symbol.

The Slouch Hat - The Digger Hat (archived from [pdf file]
The origin of the slouch hat, plus a tribute.

Australian Slouch Hat or Digger Hat (
archived from
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Australian & New Zealand Slouch (Digger) Hats (archived from
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A Brown Slouch Hat (



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The slouch hat

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