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Maori in World War 1
Maori participation in WW1




Maori participation in WW1 Maori and the First World War (
Maori were divided over whether or not to join up to participate in World War 1. Particular reluctance was expressed by those whose families had had land confiscated in the 1860s.
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Opposition from Maori (
Details of how the Maori community was split over serving in WW1 and the issue for the government over enforcing conscription of Maori people.

Maori in the NZEF (
An outline of the participation of Maori in the NZEF (New Zealand Expeditionary Force). The successful Maori contribution as soldiers increased the acceptance of Maori by other New Zealanders after the war.

Maori in the NZEF (
A group of Maori in the NZEF (New Zealand Expeditionary Force), called the Maori Contingent, left New Zealand in early 1915 and fought at Gallipoli. They were then reformed as the Pioneer Battalion and were sent to fight at the Western Front.
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NZ Maori (Pioneer) Battalion returns from war (
The Pioneer Battalion was the only battalion to return as a complete unit.

Maori soldier in trench at GallipoliWorld War One - The Maori Battalion and New Zealand Brigade (
Image of a Maori soldier in the trenches at Gallipoli in WW1, plus the story of Maori participation in the war.

Individuals Henare KohereHenare Kohere (
Henare Kohere was a Maori farmer with three children who arrived in France in April 1916 with the New Zealand Pioneer Battalion. However, he died from his wounds in September1916 following a heavy artillery bombardment.

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Miria PomareMildred Amelia Woodbine Pomare

Born Mildred Amelia Woodbine Johnson. Also known as Miria Tapapa, Miria Johnson and Miria Pomare.

Pirimi TahiwiPirimi Pererika Tahiwi

Pirimi Tahiwi, also known as Prim, was a teacher and rugby player who joined the Maori Contingent in World War 1.

Images Images of Maori soldiers (
Five images of soldiers.

Maori units in the WW1 New Zealand Expeditionary Force (
Maori soldiers performing their dutites during WW1.

Issues Maori Troops: Letter from Te Rangi Hiroa (Captain Peter Buck) (
This letter raises a range of matters, such as the increased respect received by Maori soldiers from the skill and bravery they showed during the war. It is followed by many questions for discussion.


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Electronic books The Maoris in the Great War (
Subtitle: A History of the New Zealand Native Contingent and Pioneer Battalion.
By James Cowan, 1926.

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4. Click on The War Effort of New Zealand
5. Click Search, then on the next page click on Full Text.
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Book lists First World War - Maori involvement booklist (
Christchurch City Library booklist on Maori involvement in WW1.

New Zealanders in the First World War - Maori and Pacific Island Soldiers (
Books and other resources.

More resources Teaching resources: Maori involvement in WW1 (
Books and other information sources on Maori involvement in the First World War, presented by the Christchurch City Library.
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