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Brooke, Evelyn

Evelyn Gertrude Brooke (
Eva Brooke joined the New Zealand Army Nursing Service and became a hospital ship matron. Many male soldiers had difficulty accepting that she and the other women nurses possessed the courtesy rank of officer. Her ship visited Anzac Cove five times (but she would not have landed there). Eva was mentioned in dispatches and was presented with the Royal Red Cross and bar at Buckingham Palace. Eva Brooke died in 1962

Evelyn Gertrude Brooke: group photo (
Evelyn Brooke was a New Zealand nurse who was matron of a hospital ship that made several visits to Anzac Cove.

Brooke, Evelyn Gertrude (
Biography of Evelyn (Eva) Gertrude Brooke, civilian and military nurse.

● See also our entry for Evelyn Gertrude Brooke on our New Zealand biography page

Crook, Mabel

Mabel CrookMabel Crook (
"A Nurse on the High Seas".
Mabel Crook's work as a nurse in the New Zealand Army Nursing Service included caring for wounded Anzac soldiers on trips from Gallipoli to Malta.

Pomare, Miria (Miria Tapapa)

Miria PomareMildred Amelia Woodbine Pomare (
Born Mildred Amelia Woodbine Johnson. Also known as Miria Tapapa, Miria Johnson and Miria Pomare.
Miria was born to a Maori mother in 1877 and she married a Maori surgeon. She was formally known as Lady Mildred Amelia Woodbine Pomare but is commonly referred as Miria. She made a major contribution to the war effort through her active support of New Zealand's overseas and returned soldiers.

Women in war (
Short biography of Lady Mildred Tapapa Amelia Woodbine Pomare followed by suggested discussion questions.

Rogers, Margaret

Margaret RogersMargaret Rogers (
Three months after enlisting in the New Zealand Army Nursing Service Margaret Rogers drowned when the ship she was traveling on from Egypt to Greece was hit by a German torpedo.

Anniversary of the sinking of the Marquette marked (
Her great-great-niece pays tribute to nurse Margharet Rogers who drowned when the Marquette, a British transport ship, was hit by a torpedo from a German submarine.

Lists of women New Zealand: Women behind the war (
Otago Times, 10 April 2018
Belgium honoured many individual New Zealand women who supported the war effort during World War 1. This newspaper article indludes a list of names of Dunedin women who were honoured.
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Collections of profiles

Meet the heroic New Zealand women whose WWI roles went unrecognised ( 24 Feb 2018
The stories of:
- Jane Mander
- Kitty Mair, Esther Barker and Beatrix Dobie
- Enid and Violet Bell
- Kate Fulton
Also published is a shorter version (10 Nov 2017) of the above story.

WW1 - Their stories - Our histories (
A range of profiles to explore.



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