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Maori women in WW1
Maori women's roles in World War 1




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Roles Women's Mobilization for War (New Zealand) (
Scroll down to the heading "Political and Patriotic Organisations". Note that:
- many Maori women were active during the conflict, including Miria Woodbine Pomare
- 28 committees provided "entertainment and care parcels" for the Maori soldiers, including "food that Maori soldiers would appreciate, such as muttonbirds".

Maori women in the Great World Wars (
During Wold War 1 some Maori women were a little unsure of how they could help the war effort, although some made woollen coats and cowskin boots and sent these and other goods to the soldiers.

WW2 Second World War: the Maori war effort (
Scroll down to "Maori women's war effort".
The war presented oppportunities for Maori women to take part in city-based employment or volunteer work to support the war effort. However, as in the First World War, Maori were split over how strongly they should support New Zealand's participation in World War 2.

.Te Puea HerangiTe Puea Herangi (
Also known as Te Kirihaehae.
Te Puea became a leader among the Maori and also actively opposed conscription, principally because of past seizure of Maori land by the government.

"I will not agree to my children going to shed blood" - Waikato resistance to conscription in the First World War (
Te Puea showed leadership in standing up to the government and peacefully fighting the conscription of Maori.

Ethel Pritchard.Ethel Pritchard (
Also known as Ethel Watkins and Ethel Watkins Taylor.
Ethel Pritchard was among the first 50 nurses to go overseas with the New Zealand Army Nursing Service

.Miria TapapaMiria Tapapa (Miria Pomare)

See information on our Biographies (NZ women) page.

Featured Maori Women (
Two impressive Maori women have been featured by this website:
- Te Puea Herangi, an anti-conscription activist, and
- Ethel Pritchard, one of the first nurses to leave New Zealand to aid the war effort.
Further information about both women is provided in the "Individuals" section above.


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