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Early childhood Anzac-themed activities
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Early childhood Anzac Day activities An Introduction to Anzac Day for Early Childhood: Activities
This website is the best source of early childhood activities for use in teaching about Anzac Day. The following links direct you to particular pages of the website.

Easier student access:
See our related site
Anzac Kids
for online word searches and other interactives in one place

1. Start page (for teachers)

2. Finding out about Anzac Day

- Part 1 - Australia and New Zealand: the ANZAC connection

- Part 2 - War

- Part 3 - Defence Forces

- Part 4 - Anzac Day

3. Activities:

A. Interactive Activities - early childhood ACTIVITIES TO PLAY ONLINE:

- Women in War - may not work on some computers
- Flying the Flag - may not work on some computers
- Uniforms over Time - may not work on some computers
- Anzac Puzzles - may not work on some computers

More interactive activities are on the related War and Identity website - see below.

B. Paper activities - early childhood WORKSHEETS TO PRINT:

- How many poppies #1 (pdf file)
- How many poppies #2 (pdf file)
- Lest we forget #1: Join the dots (pdf file)
- Lest we forget #2: Join the numbered dots (pdf file)
- Simpson's maze (pdf file)
- Wreath making: paper-based activity requiring a pdf file of illustrations to be downloaded


War and Identity Interactives (archived from

Of particular relevance to the background to Anzac Day are:

- Battlefield Casualties (
  Help save the wounded Diggers on the Western Front.

- Infantryman (
Make decisions to enable you to survive on the Western Front.
- Where in the world?  (archived from 
  Click on locations where Australians have served in war and in peace.
- Checking Your Gear  (archived from
  Drag names and images onto the right locations.
- Suitcase Treasure  (archived from
  Drag images of a family's
war memorabilia.


Helping children understand Anzac Day 10 ways to help children understand Anzac Day (archived from
Useful ideas for involving young children generally in a commemoration of Anzac Day.

How to explain Anzac Day to children (
Issues to consider include respecting soldiers' sacrifice but avoiding fear of war, focusing on heroism rather than violence, distinguishing between commemoration and celebration, using stories as an introduction.

12 special ways to commemorate Anzac Day with kids (
Provides links to suitable recipes, craft and other activities.


Anzac Kids


Booklets to download
Loyal Friends - Activity and Resource Sheets
(archived from
Loyal Friends - Teacher Manual
(archived from

Loyal Friends - Activity and Resource Sheets [pdf] (archived from
(For the early years - Prep to Year 2.) Although this booklet has been produced primarily for students to complete after their visit to the Shrine of Remembrance, other students should find they can complete most of the activities, particularly if they are already skilled at using scissors and glue. But note that the illustrations are in black and white. The publication is no longer available on the Shrine's website.
See also Loyal Friends - Teacher Manual [pdf]
(archived from

Why is our local war memorial a special place?
(archived from

Why is our local war memorial a special place? [pdf] (
Suggested lesson and activity ideas for very young children (Prep to Year 2): before during and after a visit to a local war memorial. If the document is unavailable at the above link, try this archived version.


Jigsaw puzzles Lest we forget jigsaw puzzle [pdf] (
Print out, cut up and play. From Jigsaw puzzles to print
  See also:

Colour-in page
Craft activities
Classroom activities
Interactive activities
Anzac Kids (our related site focusing on online activities)



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