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Anzac Day craft activities for students: wreath and poppy making




Poppy-making activities (
Includes links to many more poppy-making craft activities, grouped by type of material such as tissue paper, crepe paper, coffee filter. Includes activities using templates (to provide poppy outlines).

Make Your Own Poppy [pdf] (

From the Australian War Memorial. (Alternative source.)

Make a Poppy [pdf] (
Provides a poppy template and instructions. Sourced from the "For Teachers for students" ANZAC Day Lesson Ideas and Activities page.

Poppy Paper crafts (
Remembrance Day or Veterans Day Crafts
Poppy paper craft activities, including printable poppy templates.

Heart Poppy Paper Craft (

Links to templates are at the bottom of the page.

How to Make Natural Green Wreaths (

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  Computing exercise Create a Poppy Wreath using Microsoft Word


Poppy wreaths

Poppy wreaths (
Links to more poppy-wreathmaking craft activities.

Making an Anzac Day Wreath (

Wreath of roses. Leads to instructions and pdf file to download. (An Introduction to Anzac Day for Early Childhood)

Poppy Wreath (
Choose the colour or black and white template to print out, perhaps twice. Colour in the black and white one. Cut out the poppies and apply the paste.


Pinterest pages on Anzac Day crafts

Pinterest: Anzac Day craft (

Pinterest: Anzac Day ideas (

Pinterest: ANZAC Day (

Anzac Kids



Jigsaws to print (
Print out and cut out the pieces for remembrance jigsaw puzzles. Some suitable for Anzac Day.


Some other activities:

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