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Artwork by and about Anzac soldiers




Art by Gallipoli soldiers- George Hore An artist at Gallipoli - Major Hore (
Major Hore recorded his observations at Gallipoli on pieces in ink, pencil, watercolour and wash. Information is provided about each image. See the images.

Four of the images produced by Major LFS (George) Hore at Gallipoli

early Morning Gallipoli, by George HoreThe web page presents 25 of Major Hore's paintings and drawings made at Gallipoli, along with notes on each illustration.

Art by Gallipoli soldiers - Ellis Silas Gallipoli diary and sketches by Signaller Ellis Silas (
Stretcher bearers, by Ellis SilasSignaller Ellis Silas published a number of sketches that he made when he was a soldier at Gallipoli.
See also:
- Ellis Silas: Biography
Art by Gallipoli war artists George Lambert: War artist (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
George Lambert was a war artist at Gallipoli.

RIGHT: The landing at Gallipoli, painted by George Lambert
Art about the Gallipoli soldiers Sidney Nolan, 1976 - ABCArt Nation - Sidney Nolan's Gallipoli (

These images of paintings with an Anzac theme by artist Sidney Nolan are taken from the ABC's video "Art Nation - Sidney Nolan's Gallipoli".



● In the video, Sidney Nolan says he found inspiration by reading poems by Anzac soldiers in THE ANZAC BOOK. You can find reproduced pages of this book through our Early books page.

● For more Anzac images by Sidney Nolan see Sidney Nolan Artworks (


Gallipoli Art Prize 2019 'Pigeon War Diaries' by Martin King'Pigeon War Diaries' entry awarded 2019 Gallipoli Art Prize (
Part of 'Piegoin War Diaries' by Martin KingA composite entry by Martin King of seven notebooks with prints of pigeons used in war has been awarded first place in the $20,000 2019 Gallipoli Art Prize run by the Gallipoli Memorial Club. (Clicking on the image at the right takes you to the Club's page with the image.).
Gallipoli Art Prize 2018 Mont St Quentin by Steve Lopes (Image: ABC)Western Front painting tops 2018 Gallipoli Art Prize entries (
The 2018 Gallipoli Art Prize has been awarded to Steve Lopes for a painting set in Mont St Quentin on the Western Front.
Gallipoli Art Prize 2017 The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace by Amanda Penrose HartBrisbane artist wins Gallipoli Art Prize (
The 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize has been won by Amanda Penrose Hart for her painting titled The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace.
Gallipoli Art Prize 2014 Idris Murphy and Gallipoli Evening 2013 (photo from The Australian)Love letters inspire Gallipoli Art Prize (
The 2014 Gallipoli Art Prize has been won by Idris Murphy, whose painting, Gallipoli Evening 2013, was inspired by finding more than 160 love letters written by his grandfather at Gallipoli.
Gallipoli Art Prize 2013 Peter Wegner and Dog in a Gas Mask (from Herald Sun photo)Dog in a Gas Mask is winning image for 2013 (
Melbourne artist Peter Wegner has won the 2013 Gallipoli Art Prize.


Gallipoli Art Prize 2012 Gallipoli Art Prize 2012: Gallery (
Trench interment
- by Geoff Harvey
(Winning entry)

Some of the other entries...

Humanity amidst the carnage
- by Peter Smeeth
The stretcher bearers
- by Mervyn Appleton
Silent partner
- by Joanna Braithwaite
(Were there horses at Gallipoli?)
Two brothers
- by Lee Porter
Stepping into the undiminished legacy
- by Margaret Hadfield
- by Judy Paradice

For the complete set of finalists, see the Herald Sun's Gallipoli Art Prize 2012: Gallery.
All of the above images are modified versions of images in the Herald Sun's gallery where they are provided courtesy of Gallipoli Art Prize 2012.

RSL Anzac Art Awards RSL Anzac Art Awards (
Colouring and art contest for NSW school students.


Anzac Kids


World War 2 art W.E. Pigeon (WEP): War artist (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Paintings by World War 2 war artist William Edwin Pigeon.

RIGHT: Advanced dressing station, Guy's Post, New Guinea

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