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Anzac Diaries - Australians

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Diaries written by Australians at Gallipoli, and elsewhere, during World War 1. (See also New Zealand diaries)




Australian Anzac diaries

(New Zealand diaries are now on a separate page)

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett (Aust.)
Archie Barwick (Aust.)
C.E.W. Bean
Joseph Lievesley Beeston
William Gilbert Bruce
(Aust., but not at Gallipoli)
William E. L. H. Crowther (Aust.)
Thomas E. Drane
John Harold Falconer
Frederick Forrest
Ian Hamilton (British general)
Charles Rowland Hill (Aust.)
Ernest George King
Will Lycett
John Campbell Noakes
Eric Rapkins
Herbert Vincent Reynolds
Harold Rydon (Aust.)
Harry Russell
(Aust., in France)
Verdi Schwinghammer
(Aust., in France)
S.W. Siddeley
Ellis Silas
Percy Smythe
Lyell Swann (Aust., in France)
Hugo Throssell (Aust.)
Samuel Weingott
Edgar Sydney Worrall (Aust.)

Australian diaries
New Zealand diaries
(separate page)
British diary


Various diary extracts
Lesson suggestions


Australian Gallipoli diaries

Ashmead-Bartlett, Ellis

Ellis Ashmead-BartlettEllis Ashmead-Bartlett - Diary (archived from
Diary excerpts from 24 April to 25 July 1915.

See also Biographies: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett


Barwick, Archie

Archie Barwick (Source unknown)Archie Barwick - Diary (
Background and some handwritten excerpts from the diaries of Archie Barwick, a 24-year-old Australian farmer who enlisted at the age of 24 years. He fought in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 and on the Western Front.

The above link provides only a few pages of the first of his 16 diaries which are held in the State Library of NSW's collection. For all of the (handwritten) diaries:

- Go to State Library of NSW archive search
- In the search box, type: archie barwick diary
- Press Enter
- The titles of the handwritten diaries begin "Item 01...", "Item 02...", and so on.

For an excerpt from his diary on the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 see Wikipedia - Archie Barwick diary.

See also our Biographies: Archie Barwick section


Bean, C.E.W.

CEW BeanThe diaries of C.E.W. Bean: 11 November 1918 (
To see copies of Charles Bean's diaries go to:
Records of C.E.W. Bean (

See also Official History, 1914-18 War: Records of C.E.W. Bean, Official Historian (
The Australian War Memorial "
has digitised 286 volumes of diaries, notebooks, and folders kept by Bean during and after the war and used by him to write the official history of the First World War." Scroll down to the link Diaries, Notebooks and Folders.

See also Biographies: Charles Bean

Beeston, Joseph Lievesley

Joseph Beeston's dug-outFive Months at Anzac: Joseph Lievesley Beeston (
"A narrative of personal experiences of the officer commanding the 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Imperial Force."
For a choice of formats to download, see Five Months at Anzac.
Crowther, William The Crowther War Diary (
Sir William Crowther was a Tasmanian doctor who served for a month at Gallipoli in 1915 before becoming ill. His handwriting is difficult to read but he included in his diaries numerous newspaper cuttings of the day. (If the link becomes unavailable, locate it from Tasmania and WW1.)

Crowther, Sir William Edward Lodewyk Hamilton (
Sir William Crowther (1881-1981) should not be confused with his grandfather and great-grandfather who were also called William Crowther, nor with the New Zealand politician of the same name. See Crowther Family (


Drane, Thomas E.

Thomas E DraneAnzac Gallipoli Diary: Thomas E Drane (
See also T E Drane photos.

Extracts from Anzac Gallipoli War Diary: T E Drane (

Falconer, John Harold

John Harold FalconerNote that the links for the following item are currently (9 Nov 2020) not working. You might need to use the the "Archived versions" instead.

The People - diaries of two soldiers (
[Archived version]

Scroll down the INTERNAL window, then click on the links to John Harold Falconer to access web pages and Word documents containing the diaries:
- John Harold Falconer - web page [Archived version]

- John Harold Falconer - Word doc [Archived version]


Forrest, Frederick

War Diary of W 2729 Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Forrest MC (archived from, Army Museum of South Australia) [pdf file]
Egypt, Gallipoli, Belgium, France.

Hill, Charles Rowland

Hill, Charles Rowland (
If the page is UNAVAILABLE, try this ARCHIVED VERSION.

Two photographs of Charles Rowland Hill (including the image at the right of our page) and a link to the following online version of his diaries:

Diary of 303 Sapper C. R. Hill [pdf] (
If the page is UNAVAILABLE, try this ARCHIVED VERSION.

Sapper Hill landed at Gallipoli on 19 August 1915, well after the 25 April landing. The 23-page pdf file of transcribed diary entries is easy to read and gives good descriptions of the conditions the soldiers faced.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the links to Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the diaries.

King, Ernest George

Ernest George KingAnzac Diary: E.G. King (
(Previously located at
Ernest George King served in the 19th Battalion, arriving at Gallipoli on 20 August 1915. His diary comments include reference to the endless trench digging, the rotting bodies of dead soldiers and other unpleasant living conditions.


Lycett, Will

Will LycettThe Great War Diary: Will Lycett (
The diaries of Lance Corporal/Sapper William Dalton Lycett, from January 1915 to December 1918.

The 'Great War' Diaries of 2063 Lance Corporal William Dalton Lycett (
If the page is UNAVAILABLE, try this ARCHIVED VERSION.

Will was offshore on the day of the landing at Gallipoli. The page includes a link to a pdf file of the transcribed diaries - but before you print out the file, note that it is a whopping 313 PAGES in size. Perhaps print selected pages only.

Noakes, John Campbell

John Campbell NoakesNote that the links for the following item are currently (9 Nov 2020) not working. You might need to use the the "Archived versions" instead.

The People - diaries of two soldiers (
[Archived version]

Scroll down the INTERNAL window, then click on the links to John Campbell Noakes to access web pages and Word documents containing the diaries:
- John Campbell Noakes - web page [Archived version]
- John Campbell Noakes - Word doc [Archived version]

Rapkins, Eric

Eric RapkinsEric Rapkins' World War 1 diary (
The diary of Eric Harold Rapkins records the landing at Gallipoli and the days immediately before and after.

Reynolds, Herbert Vincent

HV Reynolds (Herbert Vincent Reynolds)
Anzac diary entries transcribed into blog format

Diary of an ANZAC - HV Reynolds (
Extracts from the diary of Herbert Vincent Reynolds presented in blog format, along with relevant photographs and other illustrations. Scroll down for beginning of entries from HV Reynolds' diary. Note that the entries are in reverse date order and continue over many pages. Includes suggested questions for classroom discussion.

See also Lesson suggestions (below)

Rydon, Harold Harold E Rydon 1915ANZAC - Diary of Harold Rydon 1914-1917 (
Lance-Corporal Harold Rydon was educated at Eton (a school in England) and moved to Queensland in 1912, working as a jackaroo and as a tomato farmer. He volunteered to fight in the Australian Army very soon after was declared in 1914. He kept a diary of his time in the AIF and enhanced it later by adding more information, providing comments and linking some diary entries to subsequent events, to create a well written, very readable and historically valuable story of one soldier's participation in World War 1.

The diary covers Harold's time in Egypt, Greece, Gallipoli and France.

You can read the expanded diary as an ebook or in other formats such as pdf file or online.z
Note that the first few pages of the publication contain "Notes on L/CPL. H.E. Rydon" written by his son, A.H.B. Rydon, in 1987. Harold Rydon's diary immediately follows these notes under the heading "By H.E. Rydon".

(The image of Harold Rydon at the right is taken with permission from the diary and is copyright.)

Siddeley, S.W.

'God knows it was hell': Extract from diary of S.W. Siddeley (archived from
An entry dated 8 May 1915 from the diary of Corporal William McQueen Saxon ('S.W.') Siddeley, of the Australian Army Medical Corps, describing his involvement at Helles, Gallipoli. See also photograph of diary (

See also Museums Victoria's short biography, Corporal S W Siddeley, AIF (1895-1971)

Silas, Ellis

Ellis SilasGallipoli diary and sketches by Signaller Ellis Silas (
Extracts include the landing at Gallipoli, 25 April 1915.
(Scroll well down for the diary entries.)

See also Biographies: Ellis Silas

Smythe, Percy

Percy SmytheThe World War 1 Diary of Percy Smythe: Chapter 2 (
Chapter 2 of this diary from the Smythe Family Website covers Percy Smythe's time in Egypt, the voyage to Gallipoli, arriving in July 1915, and his time in Gallipoli.
Throssell, Hugo Hugo ThrossellThe diary of Hugo Throssell appears (as at 9 Nov 2020) to be no longer available.

Documents: Hugo Throssell VC (
The first three pages of this 1.6MB collection of documents are handrwritten diary entries by Hugo Throssell. The full download is:
Collection of facsimiles related to Hugo Throssell [pdf]

(Photo from

See also Biographies: Hugo Throssell

Weingott, Samuel

Samuel WeingottSamuel Weingott (
Gallipoli entries commence on 25 April 1915.

Worrall, Edgar

Edgar WorrallDiary of Corporal Edgar Sydney Worrall (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Corporal Edgar Worrall was one of the last men to leave Gallipoli. He says in the entry for 20th December 1915 that he fired the last shot at Lone Pine. Other entries cover food, school mates being at Gallipoli too, letters and parcels from home, firing at the Turks, trench conditions such as cold weather and nearby dead bodies, and the evacuation. For the meaning of the term "sap", see Gallipoli Slang. (Corporal Worrall died in France in 1917.)
New Zealand Gallipoli diaries


We have MOVED the New Zealand Gallipoli diaries to their own page
British Gallipoli diary
Hamilton, Ian General Sir Ian HamiltonGallipoli Diary: General Sir Ian Hamilton Vol. 1 (
A British Army general who commanded the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force at Gallipoli.

Gallipoli Diary: General Sir Ian Hamilton Vol. 2 (

See also Biographies: Ian Hamilton

Anzac Kids


Various Gallipoli diary extracts Gallipoli Diaries on the Web (
List of links to diggers' diary websites.

Diggers Diaries
(From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
This section of the website is the source of some of the diary links above and below.

Gallipoli: In their own words (
"Using letters, diaries and photographs, The Sunday Age recounts events through the eyes of the diggers who battled on amid despair and death..." The Sunday Age, 18 April 2004.

The Anzac Diaries Part I (
The Anzac Diaries Part II (
These links have been removed as the site now requires a subscription to be paid.


Norman Pearce's diary. (Image from ABC video)WW1 digger's diary tells of trench hell  (
ABC News, 2 July 2012.
The handwritten diary of Gunner Norman Pearce, who served at Gallipoli and the Western Front, has been given to the State Library of New South Wales. (Includes a video report.)

Lesson suggestions Diary of an Anzac: a Gallipoli perspective - HV Reynolds (
Lesson suggestions using the diary of Herbert Vincent Reynolds (see above).

See also Classroom activities

Other WW1 Diaries by Australians
Bruce, William Gilbert War Diary of 8593 Sergeant William Gilbert Bruce (archived from, Army Museum of South Australia) [pdf file]
(Not at Gallipoli.) Egypt, France, London. (The document appears to have a layout problem.)
Russell, Harry Harry RussellThe Diary of 2657 L/Cpl Harry Russell (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)

Although Harry Russell was at Anzac for a short time, this transcription of his diary covers the time he spent on active duty in France.

Schwinghammer, Verdi Verdi SchwinghammerVerdi George Schwinghammer (From, archived by the NLA's Pandora Archive on 6 Mar 2010. See also our "Where is Digger History?" page.)
Sergeant Verdi Schwinghammer was the Australian-born son of German parents. He served in Egypt, England and France.
Swann, Lyell Keith Lieut. Lyell Swann reveals his World War 1 experiences in war diary (
A newspaper story containing edited extracts from six entries in the diaries of South Australian soldier Lieutenant Lyell Keith Swann, who died in France three days after the Armistice was signed on 11 November 1918.

Some other sources:

The diary of Gallipoli and Western Front soldier Bert Orchard was published in 2010. See details.

New Zealand Anzac diaries

Anzac biographies

Anzac letters

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Gallipoli campaign

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Simpson and his Donkey

The last Anzac - Alec Campbell

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