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Computer-based Anzac Day activities for students





Computing activities Create a Poppy Wreath using Microsoft Word

Students follow step-by-step instructions using Microsoft Word.

Updated for Microsoft Office 365
26 April 2019

Download the four-page instruction sheet
for distribution to students:

Poppy Wreath
How to draw a poppy wreath in Microsoft Word

(Instructions prepared using Microsoft Office 365, April 2019)
(pdf, 470K)

To download or save the file, RIGHT-click on the link then choose Save Target As...

This instruction sheet was prepared on 26 April 2019 and has not yet been tested on live students. If you have any comments or suggestions about it could be improved or you spot any errors, please send us an email message at:
anzacwebsites  @  (remove spaces).

The previous version, for Microsft Word 2003, is still available:
Create a Poppy Wreath using Microsoft Word 2003 (PDF 141K)


Internet scavenger hunts

Scavenger Hunt - Anzac Day social studies activity (
Levels 4 and 5.

Anzac Day Internet Scavenger Hunt (
Ten multiple-choice questions, with two suggested links for obtaining the answers from.


Ideas Anzac Day Unit Ideas [pdf] (previously at
[PDF file 22K] List of unit or activity ideas, mostly involving computer use.


Anzac Kids



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