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Interactive activities

See our related site
Anzac Kids (
for online word searches and other interactives in one placeand easier student access

Anzac Kids (
All activities are online and interactive: word activities (crosswords, word searches), quick fun games (quizzes, colouring in, jigsaw puzzles, simple activities), multimedia games and experiences. Includes some videos.
Anzac 360
Virtual reality short movies
Visit key sites of the Western Front
Download the free Anzac 360 app from the App Store or Google Play, or go to Anzac Live's Facebook page.
(See also Daily Telegraph news report.)

War and Identity Interactives (archived from
- The Last Voyage of the AE2 (
  Submarine in the Dardanelles

- Battlefield Casualties (
  Help save the wounded Diggers on the Western Front.

- Infantryman (
Make decisions to enable you to survive on the Western Front.
- Who am I? (archived from
  Work out who the six Australians are (includes some Gallipoli people).
- Where in the world?  (archived from 
  Click on locations where Australians have served in war and in peace.
- Checking Your Gear  (archived from
  Drag names and images onto the right locations.
- Suitcase Treasure  (archived from
  Drag images of a family's
war memorabilia.

Centenary of WW1 (
The interactive activities on this website are NO LONGER UNAVAILABLE (as at 6 Oct 2019)

Included were these online activities:

- Centenary education board game
- Letter writing interactive
Anzac Day activities - early childhood (
Of particular relevance to the background to Anzac Day are:
- Anzac Puzzles - may not work on some computers
- Flying the Flag
- may not work on some computers
- Uniforms over Time - may not work on some computers
- Women in War - may not work on some computers

Early childhood interactive puzzles & activities



3D interactives

(online and app)

Gallipoli: The First Day (
From the ABC: "You'll be able to explore both Anzac and Ottoman perspectives alike, and examine in detail the experiences of individual soldiers throughout the day, as well as the military technology of the time." Includes a special layer using Google Earth.


Gallipoli: The First Day is now available as an app. Scroll the ABC's web page down slightly to see the links to the App Store, Google Play (Android), Amazon and the Windows Store.

Sites2See: Gallipoli: The First Day (
(Site temporarily unavailable, 6 Oct 2019)
ocuses on using the ABC's website Gallipoli: The First Day.

2D interactives Australian War Memorial London (
Select a battle and see photographs and summaries. For Gallipoli and Lone Pine, either click on the location of Gallipoli, Turkey, on the map, or click on the arrow in the bottom right corner, then on "GALLIPOLI". Includes Gallipoli video footage.

Australians at War (complementing the TV series)

"Through animated documentaries, video, audio and activities you can re-live some of the greatest events in our history, as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there."

Research Honouring Anzacs (
School registration will allow students to use an online interactive book for research and other activities, where possible relating to the particular soldier a student has selected. Portions of the book may be downloaded and printed. Registration is free, although the website encourages donations.
DVD-ROM interactives with worksheets Investigating Gallipoli (
Worksheets and information. Designed for primary students. Download the complete publication or the four components separately. A DVD-ROM ( related to this material is available.
Then and now photographs Gallipoli Then and Now (Archived from
Move the cursor over a photograph to see how that part of Gallipoli looked in 1915.

See also:

Gallipoli photographs - Then and now

Anzac Cove today: 360-degree panorama photos

Interactive crosswords

See also Crosswords to print

Anzac Day Crosswords (
Crosswords can be completed interactively on the screen, or printed out for completion later or downloaded for incorporating in worksheets. (Solutions available.) To see the interactive versions, go to:

- Why Did the Anzacs Land at Gallipoli?
- The Significance of Anzac Day
- Gallipoli Slang

(But see Anzac Day Crosswords for a link to background reading for each crossword.)

Interactive word search puzzles Anzac Day Interactive Word Search Puzzles  (
Our own set of online word search puzzles:
- Gallipoli Campaign 1
- Gallipoli Campaign 2
- Soldiers
- Military Operations
- Simpson and his Donkey
- Anzac Spirit Interactive
- Dawn Service Interactive



See also The Last Anzac - Online Quiz


Anzac Kids


Online colour in
Poppy petalsPoppyPoppy (
Move mouse over image and click "Color online".
Poppy petals (
Move mouse over image and click "Color online".

Donkey (
Move your mouse over the image and click "Color online". (For a Simpson and his Donkey colouring page to print see our Colouring In page.)

Poppy Time online colouring-in (
Presented mainly with Remembrance Day in mind, but the poppy theme makes these activities suitable as Anzac Day activities.

● Online colouring pages are also on our related site, Anzac Kids

Online jigsaw puzzles Poppytime (
Online jigsaw puzzles primarily designed for Remembrance Day.


Some other activities:

Interactive quizzes

Classroom activities

Early childhood activities

Craft activities

Computing activities

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See also our Anzac Kids website:

See our related site
Anzac Kids
for online word searches and other interactives in one place
and easier student access










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