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The Last Anzac

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Alec Campbell
The last Anzac Gallipoli survivor


Alec Campbell: the Last Anzac


Last Anzacs
What kinds were there?
(In order of date of death)

Ted Matthews
Last survivor of the first day landings at Gallipoli
(NSW, died on 9 December 1997 aged 101)

Alfred Douglas Dibley
Last Gallipoli survivor from New Zealand
(New Zealand, died 18 December 1997 aged 101)

Alec Campbell
Last Gallipoli survivor
(Tasmanian, died in May 2002 aged 103)

Peter Cassidy
Last Western Front survivor
(WA, died in June 2005 aged 107)

William Evan Allan
Last survivor who fought in World War 1
(Vic., died in October 2005 aged 106) See Digger History (archived) - from SMH 19 Oct 2005.

Jack Ross (John Campbell Ross)
Last surviving World War 1 soldier
(Vic., died June 2009 aged 110 - did not leave Australia nor see active service)


Last Gallipoli non-Anzacs

Ernest Stocanne
Last French survivor from Gallipoli
(Died December 1999 aged 105)

Percy Goring
Last British survivor from Gallipoli
(Died WA, 27 July 2001 aged 106)


Last WW1 veteran in Australia

Claude Choules
World's last surviving veteran of both WW1 and WW2. World's last male WW1 veteran. Last WW1 veteran to die in Australia.
(British born. Joined Britain's Royal Navy but moved to Australia in the 1920s. Died WA, 5 May 2011 aged 110.)
Alec CampbellAlec Campbell (Wikipedia)
From the free Wikipedia Encyclopedia, which is written by volunteers.

Alec Campbell, the adventurous one 1899-2002

From The Age, 18 May 2002.

Alec William Campbell (

Alec Campbell - photo from www.anzacs.orgLast man standing (
"Alec Campbell is 103. He is our last surviving Anzac, and maybe a lot more. Historian Michael McKernan believes Campbell quite possibly is the last survivor of the entire Gallipoli campaign, lumping friend and foe together..." 25 April 2002.

Last Anzac is dead (
"The last of the Anzacs, Alec Campbell, died peacefully in Hobart last night. He was 103. He never recovered from a chest infection that struck him down earlier this week." 17 May 2002.

Farewell to last ANZAC digger (archived from
ABC Lateline transcript. "The Prime Minister is rearranging his schedule so he can attend the state funeral for Alec Campbell being held in Hobart next Friday..." Transcript, 25 May 2002.

Alec William Campbell: Prime Minister's Address at State Funeral Service (
"On the very day in December 1915 that a boy soldier - exhausted, feverish and dangerously ill - was evacuated off that perilous beach at Anzac Cove, a few hundred yards away, his commanding General scribbled a brief message..." 24 May 2002.

State Funeral for Alec Campbell [pdf]

Pdf document of information originally on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

The death of Alec Campbell (
Transcript of an ABC AM report on the death of Alec Campbell.

Alec Campbell recalls the 1915 Anzac landing
[No longer available.]
[Original url: The Learning federation no longer exists.]

A sound recording of Alec Campbell, accompanied by comments on its potential for use in the classroom. NOTE: The link no longer leads to the recording. If anyone knows a non-password location where this recording is now located, please let us know at: anzacwebsites  (remove spaces)

Classroom activities The Last Gallipoli ANZAC: Constructing a Biography of Alec Campbell (
Classroom activity - pdf file to be downloaded.
Videos Remembering the last Anzac ( Broadcast 25 Apr 2014
A segment from the ABC's 7.30 Report (Tasmania) in which some of Alec Campbell's many family members look back on his life and the state funeral held in his honour in 2002.

See also our Slideshow videos page.
Online quiz Quiz: The Last of the Anzacs (
Focuses on Alec Campbell. 10 questions. Rated Tough.
- Quiz Game: one question per page. (Untimed version also provided.)
- HTML Quiz: all questions are on one page

See also Slideshow videos


Alec Campbell at 16 years
Alec Campbell at 16 years


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