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Anzac videos using photographs and songs


Slideshow videos






The Anzac (
Written by Adam Brand and Michael Carr. Series of photographs, with song "The Anzac".

Anzac Day 2007 (Anzac Rap) (

Also called Anzac Day 2010 (Anzac Rap). Series of images, with Anzac rap song. (Language comment: In a couple of instances the word "Diggers" is misheard as an inappropriate word when some people hear this song for the first time.)

The Last Anzac Tribute (

By Rick Pope. Series of photographs and short movies, with song "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda". (Alec Campbell's photo is in the opening and closing images.)

Can you hear Australia's heroes marching?
By Peter Barnes.

The Last ANZAC Lyrics (
The lyrics to the song are displayed on the screen to enable you to sing along with it. The song appears to be presenting the argument that if only the Anzac spirit of 1915 could be applied to handling modern day world conflict then we would all be able to live in peace.

Anzac Day (
An Anzac Day song tribute written and sung by Craig Bagley.


Miscellaneous videos (including some songs)
  The ANZAC Legend (
Thirteen Anzac-themed music and other videos to play  (indicated by the video camera icons).

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Cricket match photo video


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