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Remembrance Day speeches by prominent Australians and New Zealanders:


Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia (2018 Remembrance Day commemorative address, Australian War Memorial)

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (2018 Armistice Day cnational ceremony)

Senator Mathias Cormann (2017 Remembrance Day Ceremony, Australian War Memorial)

Jeff Kennett, former Premier of Victoria (2016 Remembrance Day commemorative address, Australian War Memorial)

Dr Jackie Huggins (2015 Remembrance Day commemorative address)

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister (2011 Remembrance Day address, Canberra). Video ( Report ( - if the web page of this report has been removed, email us at and we will make a saved copy available.

Quentin Bryce, Governor-General [pdf] (archived from
2010 Remembrance Day speech.

Prof. Kim Beazley [pdf] (Australian War Memorial Anniversary Oration, 11 November 2009)

General Peter Cosgrove (archived 2009 Remembrance Day commemorative address)

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister (Remembrance Day Address, 11 November 2008)

John Howard, Prime Minister (Remembrance Day Speech, 11 November 1997)

Major General Michael Jeffery, Governor-General [pdf] (archived from
Remembrance Day Commemoration, Wollongong, 11 November 2005.

Most well-known speech

An Australian  Remembrance Day speech that is often referred to is former prime minister Paul Keating's eulogy delivered at the funeral service of the Unknown Australian Soldier on 11 November 1993.
A YouTube audio and an mp3 file (archived) of the speech are also available.


Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, Chief of the Defence Force (Remembrance Day Commemorative Address, 11 November 2005)

Paul Keating, Prime Minister (Remembrance Day Speech: funeral service for the Unknown Australian Soldier, 11 November 1993). Listen (archive, mp3 file).

David Cunliffe, New Zealand Government Minister (Remembrance Day Address, St Matthews in the City, Auckland, 11 November 2006)

See also our Anzac Day speeches page


Writing a Remembrance Day speech

Writing a Remembrance Day speech

See our section Remembrance Day ceremonies for the outline of the whole Remembrance Day ceremony.

The Remembrance Day "speech" is the stage of the Remembrance Day ceremony called the "address". Some brief tips for those arranging for or preparing such an address are provided in the Commemorative address section of the DVA's pdf document 'Organising a commemorative ceremony'.

You may also be able to select some useful information from:
- How to write a Memorial Day speech (, although this page has American memorial ceremonies in mind.

And of course, remember to skim through the list of speeches above for more ideas.


Quotes for Remembrance Day (
Scroll down for brief quotations from 35 writers, on a variety of topics such as bravery, fighting, war, valour, fear, heroism, death.
Activities involving speeches Remembering and Commemorating (
Download the pdf file. This activity for students first presents two Anzac Day speeches:
- Eulogy at the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier (Paul Keating, Australian  Prime Minister, 11 November 1993), and
- Eulogy at the Dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown New Zealand Warrior (Dame Silvia Cartwright, New Zealand Governor-General, 11 November 2004).
The activity then presents Gallipoli in a Nation's Remembrance, an article by Les Carlyon, along with nine questions for students to answer.

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