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 Remembrance Day craft, puzzles and other activities
Making paper poppies and wreaths, puzzles, booklets/worksheets to download









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See also Anzac Day Websites lesson activities

Lesson material for Remembrance Day

Poppy Time (
- poppy-making activities (a long list of poppy craft activities)
- poppy wreath-making activities

jigsaw puzzles
- and a lot more.
● For more on poppy and wreath craft see our Craft activities page

We Remember Anzac: Primary Resource [pdf] (
Information and activities that focus on commemoration. More information.

Wartime Snapshots: The Flanders Poppy - Symbol of Remembrance [pdf file] (
The red poppy as a symbol of the blood of the soldiers who ha died and as the inspiration for John McCrae to write In Flanders Fields. Includes several suggested teaching activities. Jpg image of poster.

Why Remember? Understanding Remembrance Day [pdf file] (
Australian War Memorial Shrine of Remembrance Education Program activity and resource sheets.
- Teachers Manual [pdf]

Remembrance Day (
Although the section called "What is Remembrance Day?" is written from a UK perspective, the printable worksheets that follow are suitable for Australian and New Zealand students (if you ignore the poppy having only two petals in the British style).

Remembrance Day Online (Kids' Turn Central)
List of websites covering Remembrance Day in a variety of countries.

Remembrance Day PowerPoint presentations (

Remembrance Day teacher links (
(Canadian emphasis)

Remembrance Day or Veterans Day Activities (

Remembrance Day (
List of links on Remembrance Day.

See below for the list of booklets to download from the the Shrine of Remembrance website.

See also our

Anzac Day Websites lesson activities
Craft activities and 
ICT activities

interactive activities on Anzac Kids


For crosswords, see:

Remembrance Day crosswords


For word searches, see:

Remembrance Day word searches

Jigsaw puzzles (
- printable jigsaw puzzles on Remembrance Day / Veterans Day, Lest we forget, We will remember them, in Flanders Fields, the Ode. Includes Interactive versions (which require Java).

Remembrance Day or Veterans Day Worksheets (
Colouring pages, jigsaw puzzles, word searches, word scramble, word mining.

Little Red Poppies Activities [pdf file] (
A variety of activities (Canadian).

Veterans Day Puzzles for Kids (
Word searches, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles.

See also our Anzac Day Crosswords and Word searches pages


Color-in activities for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day (
Printable colour-in activities featuring poppies and poppy wreaths.

Remembrance Day and Veterans Day themed coloring pages (

Remembrance Day Poppies - Coloring Pages (
Includes a poppy wreath.

See also our Anzac Day Colour-in activities page.

Online colour-in Poppy Time online color-in activities (
Interactive online colour-in activities: poppy, poppy wreath, military hats.

Remembrance Day (
Wreath, poppies being worn and more to be coloured in on the screen.

The online colouring pages are also on our related site, Anzac Kids

Jigsaw puzzle making Jigsaws to print (
Print out and cut out the pieces for Remembrance Day jigsaw puzzles.

Pigeon holding poppy (Image: STORY 2019
Pigeon poppy thief
The pigeon who stole from the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Australian War Memorial

Booklets of activities to download  

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne


The following publications are currently (9 Nov 2020) unavailable


Many of the activities in the following booklets are designed to be used in conjunction with a visit to Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. However, there are also many activities that can be used without a visit.

See also the booklets and units to download from our
 Anzac Day booklets to download

Years - no suggested application
Remembrance Day [pdf]
Remembrance Day - Teacher's Manual [pdf]
The Shrine - Background [pdf]

Early years P-Year 2 educational materials
The "Loyal Friends" booklets are no longer provided on the Shrine of Remembrance website but archived copies are listed in the Early childhood booklets section.

These publications are currently (9 Nov 2020) unavailable

Years 3 to 4 educational materials
Friends, foes and friends again [pdf]

Years 5 to 8
Serving the Nation: Stories of our Anzacs in war and peacekeeping [pdf file]

Years 5 to 10 educational materials
The Spirit of Anzac (The Future of the Past)
   - Teachers Manual for Years 5-10 [pdf file]
   - Activity Book WW1 [pdf file]
   - Extension Activities [pdf file]
Second World War Activity Book [pdf]

These publications are currently (9 Nov 2020) unavailable

Years 9 to 10
Australians at War [pdf]

VCE educational material (English and History)
VCE - World War 1 [pdf]
VCE - World War II [pdf]
VCE - Vietnam War [pdf]

Visual Communication and Design
Commemorating service and sacrifice: From ancient to modern times
   - Activity Book [pdf file]
   - Education Tour Booklet [pdf file]


Computing  See ICT activities (classroom exercise using Word to make a poppy wreath)

See also interactive activities on Anzac Kids
Online virtual activity Plant Your Poppy (
Students and others can "plant" a poppy on the screen landscape, with a message to shared with others. Even if students don't wish to "plant a poppy" they can read the messages others have left by clicking on poppies at random.
Videos Anzac Kids: Videos (
Lists YouTube videos suitable for classroom Remembrance Day activities, including three with suggested associated classroom activities. (Anzac Kids is a related site of ours.)

Remembrance Day (
Four-minute ABC Behind the News video on Remembrance Day produced in 2013.
Pinterest Remembrance Day pages Pinterest: Remembrance Day (
Poster, display and craft-focused activities.

Pinterest: Remembrance Day Ideas (
Art and craft ideas for Remembrance Day.

Pinterest: Remembrance Day Art (
Art activity ideas for Remembrance Day.


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