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Posters from World War 1


Poster collections

Australian WW1 Posters (
Eleven Australian posters dating from World War 1.

World War 1 Posters (Australia) (
Australian World War 1 posters in the US Library of COngress.

Recruitment posters and the art of war (
From State Records of South Australia.
More information (

WW1 Enlistment Posters (
State Library of NSW Pinterst page of World War 1 enlistment posters.

World War 1 Propaganda Posters (archived from
(Site may be VERY slow to load.) Posters to encourage Australians to enlist to fight in World War 1.


Individual posters

The Trumpet Calls (
An Australian recruitment poster from World War 1 produced by artist Norman Lindsay.

Record of the Australian Imperial Force in the Great War (

Impressive poster produced following World War 1.




Poster activities

See also the image interpretation activity which uses an Anzac Day poster (from DVA website).

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Gallipoli art

Video slideshows






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