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Videos with activities

Gallipoli Boat (
The story behind a small lifeboat retrieved from Gallipoli. On the right of the web page is a link to classroom activities.
● See also Gallipoli shipwrecks

Jack Hazlitt - World War 1 Digger (
Video clip of a Gallipoli veteran speaking about his role as a runner within view of Turkish snipers.
To see a range of study guides go to the Study Modules page, then scroll down to 'Jack Hazlitt'.

John Monash (
Video clip about General John Monash.
To see the range of study guides go to the Digital resources page, then scroll down to 'Anzac Day'.

Embracing the Enemy (
The story of Anzac soldiers holding a truce with the Turkish soldiers to enable both sides to recover their dead and injured comrades. Supported by video and education notes.


Short videos and clips

ABC Splash: Anzac Day (
ABC Anzac Day resources for students including videos.

Videos on Gallipoli today

ANZAC for SchoolsANZAC for Schools (
Lance and Judy Jones present their trip to Gallipoli with school students in mind, exploring the same ground known by the Anzac soldiers in 1915, relating landmarks to old images and linking the location with the reasons we commemorate Anzac Day. If you are unable to visit Gallipoli yourself this 44-minute video is the next best thing.
Anzac Kids
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Cricket match photo video

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