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Aboriginals in World War 1:
Lists of names of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders who served in World War 1

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that these pages contain images and names of deceased people as well as links to pages containing such material.


Australia-wide lists
Individual state lists
Light Horse Aboriginals
Medals and decorations
Australia-wide lists

AIATSISIndigenous Australians at War: Honour Roll (  AUST
Honour Rolls of Aboriginals from Victoria, Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Western Australia who died in World War 1, plus partial lists of World War 2 and Vietnam deaths.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Soldiers of the First World War [pdf] (archived from  AUST
For the main list, scroll right down to "NOMINAL ROLL OF INDIGENOUS SOLDIERS OF WORLD WAR ONE".
Also includes:
- a list of medal winners, and
- a list of those who died during the war

Indigenous service (  AUST
An Australia-wide list (but showing names only - no states or other details). Click on the individual names for information.

Aboriginal service in WW1: 151 names added to the growing list of AIF volunteers (  AUST
This blog post updates a list of names that was published in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Volunteers for the AIF by Philippa Scarlett which we referred to on another page.

Individual state lists Victorian Aboriginal service in World War 1 (  VIC

Aboriginals who served in WW1 Walter Andrews (Image:   NSW
Some of the Aboriginal soldiers from the South Coast and Yuin area of New South Wales who served in World War 1. See also archived copy with links.

Researching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander WW1 Soldiers from Queensland Communities [pdf] (   QLD
The list of Aboriginal soldiers commences on the third page.
(See also the background pages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in World War 1 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Soldiers from Queensland Communities.)

Tales of illegal heroes (  TAS
Originally published in The Mercury (Tasmania), 9 Nov 2012
Tasmanian Aboriginal soldiers of World War 1.
Scroll down to "Name, Service Number, Place of Birth, State of Enlistment".

South Australian Aboriginal soldiers of the First World War ( 30 Jan 2011  SA
As at July 2017 there appears to be no up-to-date list of South Australian Aboriginal World War 1 soldiers.
Suggestion: Inspect the above 2011 list, then skim through the various contributions containing additional names at South Australian Aboriginal soldiers of the First World War,  then at the very bottom click on "Older posts".

Register of Aboriginal Veterans of South Australia (  SA
Click on "World War 1".

Western Australian lists  WA
See our separate page Aboriginals in WW1: WA lists.

Territory ANZACs (   NT
Most soldiers listed here were born in the Northern Territory or enlisted there, but some are listed simply becasue they had an association with the Northern Teritory after the war.

Another NT solder, Private Willie Allen, is listed in the AIATSIS Nominal Roll [pdf].

Historian uncovers names of dozens of forgotten NT WW1 diggers (  NT
This report shows that research is continuing. It also makes the point that many Aboriginals born in the Northern Territory enlisted outside the NT. (Hence, many Northern Territory Aboriginal soldiers will be found on the lists of nearby states.)

Australian Capital Territory  ACT
No World War 1 Aboriginals would have been recorded as having been enlisted in the Australian Capital Territory because the land was called the Federal Capital Territory until 1938. Births would have been registered as New South Wales births because the land did not come under official federal government control until 1911. Soldiers from the area would most likely have enlisted in NSW.

POWs Aboriginal prisoners of war (WW1) (
Three soldiers are in this list of World War One Aboriginal prisoners of war: Douglas Grant, Archibald Johnson and William Williams.

Light Horse Aboriginal Light Horse servicemen - the full list (
List of "Aboriginal Light Horsemen who served during the Great War, 1914-19". (Scroll down.) (Archived version.)

Medals and decorations Indigenous Australians at War: Medals and decorations (
Scroll down to "Recognition".

Anzac Kids
Searching for records Military service records (
A huge arange of resources are listed to enable you to search for a particular soldier.

Aboriginal Victorians' involvement in World War 1(
Sources for researching Victorian Aboriginals who served in World War 1.


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