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Aboriginals and war
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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders and the Anzac spirit
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Aboriginals and war material is now  spread over FOUR pages:

Aboriginals and war

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Aboriginals in
World War 1
Aboriginals in
World War 2
Aboriginals in war:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that these pages contain images and names of deceased people as well as links to pages containing such material.
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The content previously on this page has been spread over four pages.
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Aboriginals and war
- General


and other World War 1
involvement of Aboriginals
see our
Aboriginals in World War 1

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian Defence Force (Australian War Memorial)
From the Australian War Memorial encyclopedia section. Especially see:
- Indigenous defence service

Indigenous Australians at war (
A history of the participation of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in war.

Indigenous servicemen: their contribution (
Outlines how participation in World War 1 was an escape from racism for many Aboriginals, makes special mention of World War 2 soldier Reg Saunders and the strong contribution of Torres Strait Islanders.

Too Dark for the Light Horse: Resource Book [pdf file]
(To download, right-click here and choose Save Target As...)

Too dark for the light horse: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence forces [pdf] (
Memorial Box 03 examines the contribution of Aboriginal Australians during World Wars 1 and 2. Much of the content of the Resource Book would be useful in the classroom even without the actual materials it is primarily designed to be used with.

Anzac Day Coloured Digger March (
"This article focuses on Australia's Aboriginal war veterans and the Coloured Digger march which started in 2007." Includes the following poems:
- Black Anzac by Cecil Fisher
- The Coloured Digger by Sapper Bert Beros, a non-Aboriginal soldier in WWII. The poem is written about an Aboriginal soldier, Private West.

Experiences of War: Aboriginals and War (
Involvement of Indigenous South Australians in the two world wars, with links to further resources.

Indigenous Australians at War exhibition (
Tasmanian government media release in which Guy Barnett refers to the numbers of Tasmanian Aboriginals who participated in World War 1 (as far as is known), World War 2 and the Vietnam War.

Indigenous Overview: A Proud History (
A summary of the history of the contribution of Aboriginals to Australian war and peace-keeping activities.

Aboriginal war memorials Aboriginal Anzac Day war memorials (
Provides information about war memorials around Australia commemorating Anzac Diggers.

Indigenous Australians at War: Memorials (
Australian War Memorial Cloisters, Canberra, Queensland, WA, NT.

Tribute at last to forgotten Aboriginal war heroes (
Written report and video report that cover the past war service of some Aboriginal soldiers.

Boer War

Private John Brooks ( War Memorial: Private John Brooks (
Includes information about Private John Brooks, an Australian aboriginal soldier who served in the Boer War.

Role of Aboriginal trackers in the Boer War: Forum discussion (Victorian Wars Forum)
Aboriginal trackers in the Boer War (Africa), 1899-1902.

William Stubbings ( Stubbings: Aboriginal Soldier of the Boer War (
William James Stubbings served in South Africa from 1899 to 1902.
Activities for students Indigenous Australians at War: from the Boer War to the present (ex
Printable booklet of information, photographs of aboriginals and activities for students.

Music videos

John Schumann - On Every Anzac Day (
Official music video. The song pays special tribute to Australia's indigenous soldiers, by John Schumann who is best known for his Vietnam song 'I was only 19'.

Resources and lists of links

Experiences of War: Aboriginals and War (State Library, South Australia)
A roundup of publications that focus on the participation of South Australian Aboriginals in war.

Aboriginal Anzac Day and Coloured Digger Resources (
Scroll to the bottom.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Soldiers of the First World War: Bibliography (Archived from
Detailed list of references at end.

Black ANZAC: A resource collection (NATSVIEW, National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Educational Website).
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Aboriginals in World War 1
Aboriginals in World War 2
Aboriginals in war: Issues
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The background image of Private Archie Murphy is taken from a photograph on page 6 of the Resource Book, for which it is provided by Marie Smith



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