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Aboriginals at Gallipoli:
Lists of names of Aboriginals who served at Gallipoli in World War 1

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that these pages contain images and names of deceased people as well as links to pages containing such material.


LISTS OF NAMES of Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli

Estimates of the TOTAL NUMBER of Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli

Information about these Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli


Gordon NALEY

13 soldiers from WA
NAMES of Aboriginals at Gallipoli ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR A PARTICULAR PERSON? Check all three lists below as they are slightly different.

Aboriginal presence on Gallipoli grows ( 25 April 2017
Aboriginal Gallipoli numbers have grown from 50 to 70. Researcher Michael Bell lists the names of the Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli that he is aware of (scroll down).

Names of Gallipoli Aboriginal soldiers (

Gallipoli: The Aboriginal Presence ( 23 Apr 2015
In this blog post, Philippa Scarlett reproduces the list of 56 soldiers of Aboriginal descent who served at Gallipoli and includes information about many of them.

Names of Gallipoli Aboriginal soldiers (

Earlier blog posts include:

More Aboriginal men at Gallipoli ( 27 May 2014
Includes a list of 56 soldiers of Aboriginal descent who served at Gallipoli. Blog contribution by Philippa Scarlett.

Gallipoli: Aboriginal men who were there ( 29 Mar 2014
Provides a list of 33 soldiers.

Aboriginal Soldiers and Gallipoli (Blog article) ( 24 Feb 2013
"Recent estimates ... have varied from the mid thirties to a conservative seventeen."

Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli ( 31 Mar 2014
Names of Aboriginal soldiers (SLQ)
This State Library of Queensland blog presents a list of the known Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers who served at Gallipoli. It is based mainly on the above lists.

HOW MANY Aboriginals were at Gallipoli? NOTE TO STUDENTS: Remember that that the more recent the published information, the more up-to-date it is likely to be.

See Aboriginal presence on Gallipoli grows ( 25 April 2017, listed in the previous section.

50 Aboriginal soldiers fought on Gallipoli ( 1 Apr 2015
Although there are no known photos of Aboriginal men at Gallipoli, about 50 are believed to have served there and 13 killed.

Little Aussie battlers: 'Secret service' of Indigenous soldiers (
This story from the Herald Sun of 2 June 2012 says that "at least 11" Aboriginals were killed at Gallipoli and "21 survived".

Aboriginal ANZACs (Blog article) (Battlefield Tours 24 April 2008, archived from
"There are only five known Aboriginal servicemen buried at Gallipoli, however, it is estimated that 500-800 Aboriginal diggers served in the First World War." This blog article is now a little out of date but a perusal of the comments section shows that even in 2008 many people had become intrerested in improving the amount of information on Aboriginals who served at Gallipoli.


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