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Aboriginals at Gallipoli
Aboriginals who served at Gallipoli in World War 1

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that these pages contain images and names of deceased people as well as links to pages containing such material.


Gordon NALEY

13 soldiers from WA
LISTS OF NAMES and estimates of the TOTAL NUMBER of Aboriginal soldiers at Gallipoli
Cameron, Alfred

Alfred CameronTrooper Alfred Cameron of Wellington, SA (
South Australian Alfred Cameron arrived at Gallipoli towards the end of the campaign - on 13 November 1915, leaving 30 days later. He also served on the Western Front and in Egypt but suffered from a variety of medical conditions. After the war he worked mainly back in the Meningie district of South Australia. He died at the age of 57.
See also: Black Digger: a challenge for Australia's reverence for a white Anzac legend by Paul Daley, The Guardian, 5 Dec 2014.

Farmer, Larry Larry FarmerKatanning's Farmer Family: Larry Farmer (
Larry (Lawrence) Farmer enlisted in 1915 and fought at Gallipoli. However, he died on the Western Front the following year, shortly after the commencement of the Battle of Pozieres. He was one of four Aboriginal brothers who managed to sign up to fight in the war.
See also the entry in They Served with Honour[5MB pdf file, opens at page 12]..

Farmer, Lewis Lewis FarmerKatanning's Farmer Family: Lewis Farmer (
Lewis Farmer, older brother to Larry (previous item), enlisted in 1914. He fought at Gallipoli, then at the Western Front where he was injured in the Battle of Pozieres. He survived the war.
● See also the entry in
They Served with Honour [5MB pdf file, opens at page 14].

Hearps, Alfred Alfred Hearps (Image: AWM via Hearps (
Alfred John Hearps was born in 1895 at Forth in northern Tasmania. He had an Aboriginal father. He fought at Gallipoli and later on the Western Front where he was promoted to second lieutenant alhtough he was killed soon afterwards, aged 21.
The entry is followed by suggested classroom activities and discussion questions.
A large image ( is available.
See also Aboriginal officers in the First AIF (, Philippa Scarlett, 3 Nov 2015

Murray, Ben Ben Murray (
Ben Murray fought at Gallipoli. Scroll down to the third paragraph beginning "That Ben Murray, born in 1891..."  Then proceed to the fourth paragraph. (Flinders Ranges Research.)
See also Ben Murray on our Biographies page.
Naley, Gordon Gordon Charles Naley (Image: National Anzac Centre)Gordon Charles Naley (
(If you have difficulty scrolling down, use the scroll bar itself.) Western Australian Gordon Naley landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. He was soon evacuated with typhoid then later fought in France. He married a baker's daughter in London after the war, then he returned to Australia where he took up a soldier-settler land grant in South Australia  (an unusual opportunity for an Aboriginal person).
For more information, see Gordon Charles Maley on our Biographies page.
● See also the entry in They Served with Honour [5MB pdf file, opens at page 30].

Westbury, Charles William Charles Westbury (Image: Max Wurfell, Pinaroo Museum)William Charles Westbury ( 30 Mar 2017 
William Westbury was a South Australian who had served in the Boer War and was promoted to Corporal three days after landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. He was evacuated after being shot in the ankle in May but returned to duty at Gallipoli at the end of June.

13 soldiers from WA
They Served with Honour [pdf] (
They Served with HonourThis downloadable 5 megabytes pdf booklet presents information about Western Australia's 13 Aboriginal soldiers who served at Gallipoli in World War 1. Each of the following names links to the appropriate page in the 5MB booklet:
Bullet James Dickerson
Bullet Lawrence (Larry) Farmer (see also entry above)
Bullet Lewis Farmer (see also entry above)
Bullet Charles Hutchins
Bullet William John Jackson
Bullet Fred Lockyer
Bullet Randell Mason
Bullet William Mason
Bullet Arthur McCallum
Bullet James Melbourne
Bullet Gordon Charles Naley (see also entry above)
Bullet Frederick Leslie Sayers
Bullet Claude Shaw

Note also the historical context which begins on page 38 [pdf file, 5MB].
More information ( about the publication is available. (This link was not working on 8 Oct 2019.)
(If the above publication appears to be unavailable, try this
archived copy.)

Unknown stories of WA's Aboriginal Anzacs highlighted (
A news item about the above booklet They Served with Honour on the thirteen Aboriginal soldiers from Western Australia who served at Gallipoli.



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