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Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett
Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett
(From the front cover of
Ashmead-Bartlett's diary)

Charles Bean - Australian War Memorial image
Charles Bean
(From an image held by the
Australian War Memorial)

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett - The First Report in Australia of the Landing at Gallipoli (
(Scroll down a little.) Newspaper report reprinted from the Hobart Mercury, 12 May 1915. Note the further links at the right of the web page.

War correspondent Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett - military censorship at Gallipoli (
War correspondents Ellis Ashmead Bartlett and Keith Murdoch faced the challenge of communicating the truth and their fears about Gallipoli.

The Gallipoli letter to Asquith PM (
Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett's letter to British Prime Minister Asquith drew attention to the mismanagement of the Gallipoli campaign and influenced the decision to evacuate Gallipoli.

See also our Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett: Biographies section.

Charles Bean - The First Report (
The report was originally published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 17 May 1915.

For more information on the life and work of C.E.W. Bean, see our Biographies - C.E.W. Bean section or the Australian War Memorial's encyclopedia entry on Charles Bean.


NOTE: As the pages below are for National Library of Australia archived sites some of the links on those pages might no longer be working.

Despatches from Gallipoli: The Correspondents (
Click on the links at the bottom of the screen for:

 Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean
 Commonwealth Gazette
 Sir Keith Murdoch (View the Gallipoli Letter manuscript. For a rreview on a book based on the letter, see Gallipoli book review: The Gallipoli Letter by Keith Murdoch ( See also our Issues page: Gallipoli, Sir Keith Murdoch and WikiLeaks.)
 Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett
 Phillip Schuler and Charles Patrick Smith

Despatches from Gallipoli: Censorship (
 An example of censorship
 Diaries versus despatches

Kitchener's & Hamilton's Reports on Gallipoli (
9 August 1915.


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