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Early documents that form part of the Anzac story


  Early documents

Documents relating to the AE2 (
The submarine AE2 was hit then scuttled during the Battle of Gallipoli.
Click on the link near the top called "
Official documents and reports on the AE2 and capture of its crew".


  Early documents: Activities

John 'Barney' Hines
Case Study of a World War 1 Service Record (
Download the pdf file for activities to complete based on the war records and photographs of John 'Barney' Hines.

Roland Simpson
World War 1 Case Study: Roland Henry Simpson [pdf] (
Download the pdf file for activities based on photographs of World War 1 soldier Roland Simpson, followed by questions using a modern reproduction of portions of his notebook.



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Simpson and his Donkey

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Memorials and rolls




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