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NZ Anzac Diaries

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Diaries by New Zealanders at Gallipoli during World War 1.
(See also Australian diaries)




New Zealand Anzac diaries

George Bollinger (NZ)
Edward Percy Cox (NZ)
Fredrick Dill
John Murray Donn (NZ)
Ralph Dorchel Doughty
William Malone
Robert McPherson (NZ)
Fred Waite

Australian diaries
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New Zealand diaries
British diary
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New Zealand Gallipoli diaries

Bollinger, George

George BollingerAnzac diary: George Bollinger (
George Wallace Bollinger left Wellington, New Zealand, on 16 October 1914, landed at Gallipoli on 26 April 1915 and was evacuated on 15 September.

Cox, Edward Percy

Edward Percy CoxGallipoli diary: Edward Cox (
The diary of Captain Edward Percy Cox covers the period from October 1914 to August 1915. Information on this website includes:
- digital (transcribed) version of Edward Cox's diary
- video of the diary being examined and discussed
- cenotaph record of Edward Percy Cox (Not loading 2 Apr 2019)


Dill, Fredrick

Fredrick DillThe Diary of Fredrick Dill (archived from
Fredrick Dill joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. His Gallipoli diary commences with an entry on 12 May 1915.
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Original url:

Donn, John Murray

Diary of John Murray Donn, NZEF (
Extensive diary. New Zealander John Murray Donn landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 and was killed in France on 2 October 1916.
Doughty, Ralph Dorchel Ralph Dorchel DoughtyThe short life and death of Lieutenant R.D. Doughty, MC (
Ralph Doughty was born in New Zealand in 1891 but moved to Australia in 1913. He joined the Australian Imperial Force and travelled via Egypt to the Gallipoli Peninsula where he landed at Gaba Tepe, at Cape Helles and at Anzac Cove. See the diaries page. (Note that access to a biographical note may depend on using mouseover.)
Malone, William William MaloneWilliam Malone's diary (
William George Malone was a strong battalion commander who looked after his soldiers and was killed in August 1915.
McPherson, Robert Robert McPherson (Image: McPherson's diary (
Robert McPherson's ship was anchored for several days in Anzac Cove before moving south to Cape Helles where he disembarked. During the time spent waiting (25 April to 3 May 1915) he gained an excellent view of the landings which he described in his diary. Robert received a number of promotions and survived the war.

Waite, Fred Fred WaiteA Gallipoli Diary (New Zealand) (
The diary is Appendix VI of The New Zealanders at Gallipoli,2nd ed. 1921 (original ed. 1919) ( by Major Fred Waite DSO.
This "diary" is more like a timeline of events than a traditional personal diary.
For a photograph of Major Waite see Fred Waite, 1917 (
A short extract from the diary is archived at Gallipoli Diary (New Zealand) (archived from

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News Diary of George Peterson - Lawson's Auction House photoGallipoli diary sells for $24k (
ABC News, 14 November 2012.
Report of the sale of the diary of New Zealand Private George Petersen who landed at Gallipoli with Nelson Company on April 25, 1915.




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Diary of George Peterson -photo from Lawson's Auction House
Diary of George Peterson
(From a Lawsons Auction House  photo on the ABC News website)


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