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Australian women and Gallipoli
How Australian women played a role in the Gallipoli conflict of WW1




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No women landed at Gallipoli during the Gallipoli campaign of World War 1.
However, many Australian women served as nurses on nearby hospital ships and on the nearby Greek islands of Lemnos and Imbros (as well at hospitals in Egypt, Malta and England).
These nurses treated the Anzac soldiers who had been wounded at Gallipoli or were suffering from illness.
View of Anzac Cove from hospital ship
 View of Anzac Cove from a hospital ship
Nurses on hospital ships: conditions The nurses' experience of Gallipoli from their letters (archived from
The top half of this page provides descriptions of the heavy workload and occasional danger suffered by nurses on hospital ships anchored off Anzac Cove.

The Nurses of Anzac Cove (
This contribution makes the point that bullets sometimes reached the hospital ships anchored off Anzac Cove.

A nurse's letter from Gallipoli (
This story from The Guardian entitled 'From the archive, 27 July 1915: A nurse's letter from Gallipoli' quotes a letter by an unnamed nurse describing life and work on a hospital ship transporting wounded Gallipoli soldiers.

Nurses on Lemnos: conditions The nurses' experience of Gallipoli from their letters (archived from
The bottom half of this page (commencing with "The Gallipoli hospital ships deposited their cargoes...") describes the life of nurses on the Greek island of Lemnos and the conditions they worked under.

Life on Lemnos: excerpts from Lance Corporal Archibald Barwick's diary (
Gallipoli soldier Archibald Barwick's diary includes a description of life on Lemnos and information about the Australian nurses.

Anzac nurses who treated Gallipoli wounded at hospital island of Lemnos remembered by families (
Descendants remember World War 1 nurses Florence Elizabeth McMillan and Grace Wilson and the difficulties they had to endure.

Lemnos Heroes - The Piper of Lemnos - Benbecula's Archibald Monk (
Scroll a little over half way down. Describes the arrival of nurses on Lemnos and the conditions they faced.

Voyage from Australia Nurses at Gallipoli (
The story of the voyage from Australia to Lemnos Island, and later events.

Images Pictures of life on Lemnos (
A collection of 75 photographs.

Hospital ship HMHS Assaye (24)
HMHS Assaye at Alexandria (Eqypt) in 1915 before sailing to Gallipoli. [AWM Accession No. P01840.007.]
TV drama: ANZAC Girls ANZAC Girls (
ANZAC Girls Image: (ABC TV)
ANZAC Girls is a six-part televison drama series based on the true stories of five Australian and New Zealand nurses who served near Gallipoli and at the Western Front.

'ANZAC Girls' - Australian and New Zealand nurses at war (
You can find more information about the four of the five nurses mentioned in the previous item by clicking on their names and images in the right-hand column - or here:
- Matron Grace Wilson
- Sister Alice Ross-King (see also Australian women in WW1)
- Sister Olive Haynes
- Sister Elsie Cook
- Sister
Hilda Steele (
Hilda Steele was born in New Zealand but served with the Australian Army Nurses.

Anzac Girls: a TV history of Gallipoli that focuses on women (
An explanation and review of ANZAC Girls.

The Anzac GIrls: How did they adjust to life back in Australia following World War 1? (
Information about what happened to the real five Anzac nurses after the war.

Anzac Girls - The Real Photos (
Actual photos of nurses on Lemnos in 1915.


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Activities for students Lesson 3: The nurses of Gallipoli (archived from
Student activities. Further information is provided in our Women in war: activities section (including suggested link replacements).

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