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Australian women in WW1
Women's roles and the impact of the war on women




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Nursing (Aust. women as nurses in the military) Nurses (
The history and role of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps.

Nurses' uniforms in WW1 (
Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) 1914-1918 working dress.
Uniforms of the Australian Army Nursing Service:
- Nurses' outdoor dress uniforms: 1914-1915, 1916
- Nurses' working dress: 1914-18

Casualty Clearance: The WW1 Nurses (
Roslyn Bell provides a short history of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps and uses diary entries to describe the experiences the nurses endured during World War 1. (This is followed by the story of Alice Ross-King, from Just Soldiers by Darryl Kelly.)

Australian women in World War I (
Nursing was the primary role played by women but they did much volunteer work as well.

Anzac Nurses [pdf] (
See page 22 of this pdf liftout.
Overview of the participation of women as nurses in World War 1.

Impact of WW1 ON women Women's role and place (
World War 1 significantly increased the role of women in supporting wartime activities. [If the link appears to be unavailable, try Women's role and place.]

Anzac Memories: The Letters of Francis James Mack (
Corporal Francis James Mack died in France in 1918, aged 20 years. Note the observation on the change in the role of women made in the first paragraph of the letter written home from England on 27 January 1917: "...girls doing all sorts of jobs... to put it plainly, girls are doing everything."

Women in World War 1 (
A summary of the types of contributions women gave to the war effort, along with comments on the impact war had on them.

Women in World War 1 (
The effect of war on many women was to bring out their political instincts and take leading roles in opposing conscription and war in general.

The impact of World War 1 - Volunteering Australia [pdf] (
World War 1 generated long-lasting and regular participation by Australian women in volunteer organisations such as the Red Cross.


Anzac Kids


Women and the impact of WW1 on society FOR SENIOR STUDENTS
Women's Mobilisation for War (Australia) (
Detailed information about the impact of World War 1 on Australian society and the role women played in responding. Places emphasis on the loyalty arising from the existing link between Australia and Great Britain.

Videos Scenes in an Anzac Hostel (1919) (
Two-minute movie clip from 1919 showing nurses attending bed-ridden former Anzac soldiers.

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