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Cashin, Alice

Alice Cashin (
During World War 1, Australian nurse Alice Cashin first worked in a hospital in France. After joining the army's nursing service reserve she took charge of a ward in a hospital in Egypt. Later she survived a torpedo attack on a hospital ship.

Chapple, Phoebe

Dr Phoebe Chapple (
During World War 1 Phoebe Chapple joined the army medical corps and was one of the first two women doctors to serve at the front. She was the first woman doctor to receive a Military Medal (MM).

Green, Doris

Doris GreenDoris Green (
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Doris Marion Green was a surgical nurse on Colonel Birdwood's team which operated on soldiers from the Gallipoli campaign.

D M Green (
Profile of Doris Green, with contributions from the public.

Pratt, Rachael

Rachael PrattRachael Pratt [pdf] (
Rachael Pratt attended to the wounds of soldiers from Gallipoli but is best known for being the first Australian nurse to be injured in World War 1.

Rachel Pratt (
Profile of Australian nurse Rachael Pratt.


Ross-King, Alice

Alice Ross-King (Image: Just Soldiers, Darryl Kelly)Alice Ross-King (
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Alice Ross-King enlisted in the AIF (Australian Imperial Force) in November 1914. She served in Egypt and accompanied wounded Gallipoli soldiers who were returned to Australia. She later served in France, experiencing some close shaves. Alys Ross-King changed her name to Alice and as a nurse was known as Sister Alice Ross-King, Sister Alice Ross or Sister Ross. After her marriage to a doctor her name became Alice Appleford.

Sister Alice Ross-King, ARRC, MM ( from
From the Just Soldiers collection.
Biography of Alice Ross-King, with images.


Smith, Marion

Marion Leane Smith (Image: SBS)Marion Leane Smith (
Marion Smith was an Australian-born Aboriginal woman who moved to Canada as a child, trained as a nurse in the USA and in 1917 volunteered to serve in World War 1 as a nurse. (See Aboriginal women in wartime for more information.)

Trestrail, Claire

Claire TrestrailClaire Trestrail (
Nurse Claire Trestrail received a Service Medal following her work in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom in World War 1. In particular, she helped to keep wounded soldiers safe during and after a bombing attack in Antwerp, Belgium.

Claire Trestrail in group photo (Image: AWM)Claire Trestrail in group photo (
A photograph of Sister Claire Trestaril, her ward assistant and nine patients in Antweerp, Belgium.  A short biography is also included.

Wakeford, Muriel

Muriel Wakeford (Image: Illawarra Mercury)Muriel Wakeford (
Sister Muriel Wakeford, from Wollongong, NSW, was one of only eight women who from a hospital ship who witnessed the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. She is one of the Australian women who feature in the new book by Susanna de Vries, Australian Heroines of World War One.

Muriel Leontine Wakefield (
Service details and short biography of Muriel Wakeford.

Collections of profiles

Australia's women doctors in the First World War (
Women doctors were keen to risk their lives or undergo particularly uncomfortable conditions in World War 1. This blog post describes the history and contribution of two Australian doctors:
- Isobel Ormiston
- Agnes Bennett

The forgotten women doctors of the Great War (
This article by Heather Sheard examines why Australian women doctors were keen to serve in World War 1, and provides information about two doctors:
- Laura Forster
- Isobel Ormiston

Great War nurses (
"Great War nurses" means nurses of the Greart War, in other words, nurses of Worl
d War 1. This page provides information about the service of several nurses:
- Jessie Tomlins
- Claire Trestrail
- Alice Kitchin
- Nellie Morrice
- Ella Tucker
- Rachael Pratt
- Grace Wilson
- May Tilton

Devotion: Stories of Australia's wartime nurses [pdf, 36MB] (
Illustrated storties of nurses from a range of wars. Those involved in World War 1 are:
- Sister Nellie Morrice (Beginning in Egypt): pages 8-11
- Matron Grace Wilson (Snapshots of Lemnos): pages 12-15
- Sister Pearl Corkhill (Courage under fire): pages 16-19

Australian nurses in World War 1 (
A list of links to stories about 29 nurses in the Orange (NSW) area follows a brief history of nursing during World War 1 in particular.

Meet courageous Queensland women who served in World War 1 (
Information about:
- Eleanor Bourne, doctor
- Annie Cuskelly, nurse
- Marion Winifred 'Winnie' Croll, nurse
- Annie Grant Sim, nurse
- Jane 'Jinny' McLennan,

Research Australian Women in War (
(Not all material relates to World War 1.)
- About this project
- Browse biographies of 184 individual women
- Browse 33 organisations supporting women in war directly or indirectly
- Browse commemorations
- Browse
more online resources

World War 1 and Australia (
Scroll down for a list of War diaries and letters written by women who served.


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